chances trapeze & more questions

  • Ok GHCPs time to ask some questions I start with the easy ones 1.Glenn was born in 1951 or 1952 ? I believe 1952 but I read here and there both 2.On gary moore's and norum's cds Glenn plays bass without singing on one track which are these tracks I want to put them in my collection also 3.I downloded a track called What A Fool Believes but I believe Glenn is not singing Maybe in backing vocals ? I checked out all the setlists but didnt find anything anybody knows ? maybe a guest appearance? 4.Another one is John Sykes - Out Of My Tree - Soul Stealer also I cant recognise Glenn 5.I got the In & Out Of Love as a Bon Jovi is it Snakes In Paradise ? 1993-4 ? 1998 ? 6.On Alchemist Glenn sings five and not six songs from the eight The last one is instrumental and he is NOT on Hypnotised & Fools At The Wheel. Right?

    Now songs that I try to find many years:

    I got the Trapeze song Nothing For Nothing but I dont have and looking for the other one Chances. Is this 1975 before the DP split or 1976? Also I realise I dont have the second outake of Phenomena - Running With The Pack. I checked the Session Man covers and I saw rare acoustics Walking On The Water & Redline (and also other rarities I dont have). Another one Im looking for is the VOCR Battle Hymns Of The Republic. And track 1 Stormbringer from Funky Business Can anybody help me find any of these? I search usually in Limewire. I have more questions but I got to stop somewhere. Maybe its better ask one or two things each time? I feel a little guilty but you know how hard it is even to know exactly what BigDaddy have done. The most difficult is to recognise him where he is on backing vocals only. Any posts of these rarities here or elsewhere? Just yesterday I find here one more demo Tell Me What You Need.

  • If I remember correctly, Chances was on the Trapeze "reunion" album after Purple split......Glenn left before the album was finished and Chances was the only Glenn vocal to survive....or did I miss something? :confused:

  • He sung two songs on this album Chances & Nothing For Nothing but somewhere I read this is 1975 (before Purple split) and elsewhere 1976. He also used Galley Holland on Play Me Out and we have two rare live versions of L.A.Cutoff and Space High in Jukebox of Summer ? 1976

  • Chances is off of the second "Trapeze" titled albums.. it's a Warner Brothers release I believe, and it is the first Trapeze album released after the final Threshold "Final Swing" release in 1975. So he was still in Deep purple then-thus the lack of credit. I'm not sure when the actual sessions took place- it may have been prior to Purple but it doesn't sound like it. Chances is a great song- the other track is just ok- in my book. I've got most of your requests- email me personally and I'll try to hook you up!


  • Yeah its not the Session Man cd it must be four or five double cds from what I see from the covers posted in the unofficial releases What about the other tracks? In & Out Of Love? Soul Stealer? I got them I just want the info not the tracks. The one song he only played bass on Moore and Norum? Thank you all for your info, Mark I will email you my email is

  • Glenn was born in 1952 so you are correct. He sang on John Norum's album "Face The truth", but he didn't play bass on it. That job was assigned to Peter Baltes. I don't know about the Gary Moore albums though.


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