Hughes Thrall 2

  • I have just listened to the tracks intended to be on the followup to the first album. Pay the Price and Try and Take My Love are SUPERB! Glenn shines here. Someone said H/T should have made it big time. So very true - I can easily picture them having been played on the radio in the early 80s. Try and Take My Love is a hit with a capital H.

    What was the reason H/T 2 never saw the light of day? Did the record co pull the plug?


  • Well, remember, they didn't get any real backing/support even on the first record - no real tour support to speak off either. It was tough to even get the deal they got (listen to that interview in the Media Centre)... and after that things fizzled. The record was lauded by the fans and has become an unsung classic (so to speak), if those with the cheque books knew that back then, I'm sure things would of been a lot different.

  • Hej Daniel,
    there's one nice scanned interview of Glenn's somewhere here @ that one out...Glenn gives pretty good answers why things went how they went...I would have searched it to you, but I got to go to out with Otto now...

    Ha det bra - "Search is your friend"... :)

    T :)

  • Am I the only one who misses the kind of singing style Glenn has in tracks like Pay the Price and Try and Take My Love?

    I would love to hear that kind of singing in his newer material as well, as there's no doubt he still has the capacity for it?


  • as good as I think the demos for the second album are musically, Glenn certainly doesn't shine on live recordings from the "Tour" - yet I only know one from a Texas show.

    His troubled personality during the Eighties may well be another point why Hughes/Thrall 2 hasn't seen the light of day yet.

    Personally I'd love to hear proper versions of those two songs (and the other 4 as well...)

    Let's wait for that remastered release...


  • Glenn Hughes and Pat Thrall are definitely reuniting as Hughes/Thrall 2 and are currently recording songs for their nex t album, which is due out in 2007.


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