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  • Can anybody tell me where I can find G's L.A.Blues Authority volume 1 cd? I found volume 2 at amazon.com but, they did not have volume 1 available! I searched towwerrecords,cd now,cd connection,ebay,musickstack and best buy :confused: :(

  • Yep, Jersey, even though I'm a native New Yorker,
    I figure that we "Jersey people" have to help each other out.
    I found the GH LA Blues Authority Vol. I, CD for you.
    It will cost $19.90 something plus shipping.

    The bad news is that I asked the young girl to look for it,
    and she found it in the racks, but THEN.....I had to explain
    that I didn't know exactly who wanted to buy it. So I asked
    her to put a post-it note on the CD, and leave it for tomorrow,
    so that the store's owner "Art" would know that I'll be calling
    him up tomorrow, with as much information as I can get from you.

    Not to confuse anybody (more than I've already done........) :huh:
    Art won't be there until 10:00 tomorrow morning,
    and you have to deal WITH HIM for shipping, etc.
    THEN you can call up, OK?
    You can answer me here, if you want to...............
    Here's the information:

    1482 Route 23
    Wayne, New Jersey 07470



    PS........I'll call up Sound Exchange tomorrow between 10 and 11.
    I'll talk to Art; then you call before 2:00 (that's when he leaves.)


  • I thought LA Blues Authority Vol. 1 was done by various people and only had Glenn on one track; Messin With The Kid??

    There isn't a whole other Blues album by Glenn... is there?

  • Are we talking about the same CD here?
    It's the "icon" next to my name, here on the upper left.
    It's the one with Glenn sitting on a motorcycle on the cover.
    Glenn sings ALL of the songs, but there are different musicians,
    for the different songs.

    If you go to Glenn's "Solo Discography" listing on this web site,
    you'll see the song listings. "Messin' With the Kid" isn't on this CD.

    That's the CD that is waiting for "Bound for Jersey" at Sound Exchange.
    That's LA Blues Authority, Volume I......

  • Volume I has various artists, with Glenn (w. Pat Thrall) doing "Messin' with the Kid".

    Volume II is "Glenn Hughes Blues" (with him on the motorcycle).

  • Then I totally messed up here, right?
    Thanks for the correct information, Jon.
    I hope that I can get in touch with "Jersey"
    before she buys the wrong CD.


    Hoping to un-do the damage that I've done.......

    LA BLUES AUTHORITY VOLUME I (yes, the correct one that you want)

    is available on Ebay for $27.00 plus shipping

    www.ebay.com Number: 4813656502

  • For those of you folks who have been following
    this "Comedy of Errors" that I messed up:

    #1. I read your private message "Jersey"
    #2. And I am SO GLAD that you spoke to Art
    on the phone and got things straightened out
    BEFORE he would have sent you the wrong CD
    based on my mistaken information to him.
    #3. I went to Sound Exchange today (Wednesday)
    just to make sure that everything's OK now.
    #4. He told me that he was going TO TRY
    to re-order a copy of Volume I for you, but that it
    doesn't look too good, because he thinks that that
    GH CD is totally out of print.:(

    Again.............I'm really sorry Jersey.
    I'll try not to screw up next time, OK?
    Or YOU will be forced to kill ME!!!!:axe:


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