• Happy(belated)New Year to you all.Iwas wondering what the chances are for a Dvd of the new album.I for one would be very happy with a new recording along with other stuff ,mainly to achieve a possible10/10 rating compared to the slightly poor reviews of Soulfully...... due mainly to the dissapointing picture quality.

    Just wondered what everyone else thought :confused:

  • I'm sure when the time is right plans will be made. Glenn is obviously up for it.

    I for one would love to see a full live gig or a series of gigs recorded to capture the real atmosphere of a GH performance - multiple camera angles, HD, 5.1 Surround - the works please :D It's long overdue, but as I say, I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

    There should hopefully be a new video shot for a song from the new album, so that'll
    tide us over in the meantime :)

  • In my opinion,Glenn has a bit of a catch22 with this.If he/the record company push the boat out a little bit more and go for a really good high quality shoot it must surely get the exposure it would deserve,but at the same time,Sanctuary having it's well publisised money problems won't be able to afford the cash,resulting in less exposure therefore less revenue etc............

    Perhaps Glenn needs to do a little busking for a little bit of extra income :cool:

  • Hi,
    isn't Frontiers Records still Glenn's record label? I think they did pretty good job with SLITCOA and Soul Mover - both albums and DVD can be bought from most of the record stores here in Finland! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    ...That hasn't been the case since From Now On...:(

    ...anyway I would love to get proper live concert DVD from Glenn! Even that bootleg from last year would do for a while....:)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • regardless of anything atleast have some clear video to look at -i remember glenn saying he was pissed about the outcome of the last dvd

  • I admit to being very dissapointed with the picture quality and sync of the sound to the lip movement.I showed it to a"friend" of mine who very stupidly thought that Glenn was probably miming/overdubbing!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

  • HELLO. just to tell you that I'm completly agree with you. I have more than 150 music'sdvd.And honestly Glenn's dvd is very bad,very poor quality.How is it possible? I hope the next will be better and better.Anyway happy new year.And Glenn is the best.Manu.

  • Hi, JOE ! Good to see you back on this board !
    And endlessly people begins to tell what they really thinks about this dvd!

    PS Mylène was great friday in Paris and the new Priest dvd is a must !

  • Indeed my friends, Glenn should do a new live DVD.

    No doubt there will be an upcoming tour this year and imho it must be possible to shoot some gigs, there are enough venues where Big D. plays that have enough atmosphere and the ambience is always great at a Big D concert.

    The idea of SLATCOA is good but the guys who filmed it should go back to procucing their softpornofilms :lol: :lol:

    For the sound they must bring the guys that recorded Burning Japan Live (still one of the most briljant live-recordings ever) The gigs must be filmed by the crew that shot the 'bad company' dvd in the house of blues. THEN YOU CANT GO WRONG :thumbup:

    And as an extra it would be interesting to interview US as GHCP!!!

    stay funky

  • hi,
    I don't want to look back in time, but wasn't Burning Japan live show(s) professionally filmed? Perhaps that could be released - if not as a product of its own - then as extras to new DVD...

    ...I'd like to get Days of Avalon as DVD too...

    ...but let's wait for next CD first...or actually Downunder version of Soul Mover...:)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • And let's not forget, folks, that the March, 2003
    GH performance at the Velvet Sessions/Hard Rock Hotel
    in Orlando Florida, was professionally videotaped
    and recorded by the HRH staff, for their.............."archives." :huh: :huh: :huh:

    If somebody ever decided to crank open THAT vault............

  • I just got SLITCOA on Friday and I'm loving it. Yes it's a tad on the rough side but certainly not unwatchable. That's an understatement really as I quite like it!! Now it's new to me so getting GH live like that is killer!

    I agree that they could record perhaps a bunch of shows and pick out the best performances. He kind of wings it everynight in a sense so to just turn on the cameras for one show kind of takes away the spontaneity. There's no way that the band can be as relaxed knowing that they gotta "nail it" so to speak. But there is so much potential for just a great DVD and I hope that it sees the light of day.

  • I never understood why SLITCOA Was recorded like that.
    It sound brilhant, it looks terrible !!!

    "GH performance at the Velvet Sessions/Hard Rock Hotel
    in Orlando Florida, was professionally videotaped
    and recorded by the HRH staff, for their..............archives"

    This is good to hear !

    I guess a new dvd, a dvd from a gig, a big gig, with the real atmosphere is still to be released !!

    Keep on moving !

  • Quote from Gustavo Martins

    "The GH performance at the Velvet Sessions/Hard Rock Hotel
    in Orlando Florida, was professionally videotaped
    and recorded by the HRH staff, for their..............archives"

    This is good to hear !

    Uhhhh.........actually, it was bad news at the time,
    because I walked up to the people who were recording /
    taping this GH performance, and asked them when and where
    this would be available for the public.........and that's when
    I was told that:........IT WAS JUST FOR THE HARD ROCK HOTEL

    Which is a lot of baloney :(
    I betcha' the HRH employees sit around and ask each other,
    "Hey, let's watch the Glenn Hughes performance from 2003."
    Archives, my foot.

    Any GHCP out there, any good at burglary, or breaking and entering,
    into an "Archive" vault?

    :sint3: :singer:

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