John H....gigging at the House of Blues????

  • It is with great pleasure I announce that I will be playing at the House of Blues as the keyboardist of the Doors Tribute band Peace Frog on Thursday, Jan 26 (opening up for Led Zep Again). I've seen many of my heroes there including Glenn himself, David Coverdale and Deep Purple in 98. In additon, I will be playing right where Ray Manzarek himself was onstage (and I was sitting behind him as his roadie) when the Doors reunited and played their first gig in Sept 2002. Learning all of these songs and getting the bass and keyboard parts down has been alot of work so this will be fun. Oh and this time I won't have to sneak into the Founders room!!!


  • Congrats, John. If I wasn't going on a cruise at that time, I'd zip over to LA to catch the show. Hope it's a great one - can't wait to hear about it! (And see some photos?)


    PS Saw Led Zepagain (with singer Swan) open a show for JSS at Platinum Live a couple years ago. Good band.

  • Thanks. It's exciting for other reasons also. Because the Sunset Strip is where the Doors were signed by Elektra records after their Whiskey shows in 66....their first gigs were next door to the Whiskey at the London Fog, their offices were around the corner on Santa Monica and La Cienega.....(pictured, the offices were in the top floor and the bottom floor was a rehearsal studio where LA Woman was recorded) up the street on La Cienega is Jim's motel the Alta Cienega. Barney's Beanery on Santa Monica(where I parked for the Whitesnake show) was one of Jim's main drinking bars.......The current Doors offices are in the 9000 building on Sunset. The list goes on and on. I also gig every Sunday with Peace Frog in Venice where the whole thing started in the summer of 1965. Oh and still more, this month it was 39 years ago the first album was released with the famous Sunset Strip billboard!


    Doors LA History tour…409/laguide.htm

  • Hey John...thats fantastic, mate!!:clapper:
    I can imagine how you feel at this "historical" site and Im really glad for you! Of course, we will take a listen to the set afterwards and/or see a few nice pics! Its a great opportunity, mate!

    Give all you got, Achim

  • Wow! Serious respect to you John!

    :bow: :claphands

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  • That is great to hear John. It is so rare that someone gets an opportunity to do what you are doing. Not only playing on a vaunted stage, playing what you love, but doing so in such a historical timeframe.

    Look forward to your updating us here :claphands:claphands:claphands:claphands

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  • Thanks for asking.....the HOB are getting so restrictive with their policies I was told no video even though I brought my video camera. I should have brought a still camera and had someone snap some from the side of the stage at least like Gaby did with GH two years back. I'm still waiting to hear from our singer if anybody took any. It was a great night. I had to do the Doors history tour before the show. I completely passed the street I wanted to turn right on to get to the venue, so I ended up driving past the old London Fog and the Whiskey.
    Just before the show to get in the mood, my drummer and I walked down to the Benevenuto (the old Doors offices) I wanted to eat there but unfortunately there was a party pooper among us so we didn't. Along the way we passed the Alta Cienega motel, Barney's Beanery, Monaco Liqours. After looking at the menu at the old Doors offices, I saw the bathroom and I just had to sing Riders on the Storm (just those words). Then we ended up eating at the Beanery and I walked through the bar there. While eating there Jim's face was on the wall directly opposite of our table staring at me......I told the drummer he's saying " don't f*** up". The show went off really well and the place was packed. It was fun. I only got panic on the second song and took some deep breaths to control my nerves but I otherwise was fun. Just totally amazing to look out from that stage and see all those people rocking out. Normally Im the one standing out there. We played really well I only had a couple of screwups but nothing major like going to the wrong part of a song at the wrong time. It was a real high to get to do this. There were rumours that Robby Krieger might show up but he wasn't feeling well so he didn't make it. After the show we hung out at the legendary rock hotel the Hyatt but there was no balcony swinging.


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