Top 20 paint peelers in rock?

  • Here is my list of paint peelers,Glenn Hughes,Ian Gillan,David Coverdale(Still of the night,Here I go again),Rob Halford,Robin Mcauley,Michael Matijevic(Steelheart),Tony Harnell (T.N.T.),Joey Tempest(Europe),John Sykes (Blue Murder),Ray Gillen,Michael Vescera(Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Seventh Sign),Tony Martin,Paul Stanley,Tim Ripper Owens(Judas Priest),Graham Bonet,Sebastian Bach(Skid Row),Robert Plant,Joe Elliot(Def Leopard),Mark Slaughter and Eric Adams(Manowar).I don't know about you but, these guys send chills up and down my spine when they sing! :bow: :claphands

  • The Great John West:Artension, Royal Hunt, Fienstien, Cozy Powel, Solo!!!

    Tim Owens no longer wants to be referred to as "Ripper".

  • I saw Tim Owens with Iced Earth a couple of years ago and more recently with his new solo band Beyond fear. Let me tell you he is absolutely amazing!! Lightyears better than what he did with JP and I liked his singing then.

    When it comes to powerful metal vocals he is a god!!! What a range he has too :bow:

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