Psycho Fantasy

  • Hello,
    I've listened the album once and I must say it is heavier than anything that Tom and Mel Galley have ever made...:)

    "Killing For The Thrill" is heavier than the latest Judas Priest stuff - reminds me of their Ripper era... chorus is awesome - it is SO HUGE!

    "Touch My Life" (not the Trapeze song - Melodic Rock has named it as "Keep On Running") is pretty "usual" stuff from Glenn...good, but not exceptional.!...same thing with "How Do You Feel".

    "Higher" is heavy and pounding...more like 80's Phenomena stuff. Vocals are vintage Glenn. Glenn makes this album worth getting. Psycho Fantasy is heavy rock album with modern sounds...a bit like Tony Martin's solo album "Scream".

    Along those songs sung by Glenn I like also "Chemical High" and "God Forgives" which are sung by Tony Martin. thing... ...please spell check that site...:)

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  • I'd better buy this when I can it's £12 on Amazon, I'll have a look elsewhere before I commit though!

    I've spent ages trying to get hold of the first album, the only place that you can get it from is eBay it seems, I managed to track down Dream Runner, but Phenomena is always expensive.

  • :lol: "Besse" If you will pardon the pun, would you like me to "Burn" you a copy, let me know, it can be arranged. No problems, just send a message via this site, and i will see what i can do.

  • Review in February's issue of Classic Rock:

    Latest project from sporadic 'heavy metal supergroup.'
    Phenomena is the brainchild of Tom Galley, brother of ex-Trapeze/Whitesnake guitarist Mel Galley. Many musicians have passed through the ranks since 1985, most notably Queen's Brian May.

    The line-up on Psychofantasy isn't exactly a team of heavy hitters (a prize for anyone who can remember which band Keith Murrell was in apart from Mama's Boys), but the results are impressive.

    The first Phenomena album had a supernatural theme, but Psychofantasy is more loosely structured. The concept, if there is one, appears to be of addiction, whether drugs (Chemical High), murder (Killing For The Thrill) or bondage (60 Seconds - intriguingly with female vocals of Joy Strachan).

    This album is what the Alan Parsons Project would have been like if Parsons had been a warty headbanger from Solihull. It will likely be ignored in the UK, but will probably go quintuple-platinum in Estonia. 7/10

    Geoff Barton

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Well, I got 'PsychoFantasy' in the mail today, and so far I'm enjoying it. I just wish it didn't come in a damn digi-book thing. I can't stand that kind of packaging. The other singers - Lee Small, Tony Martin, Keith Murrell and Matt Moreton and Joy Strachan - all sound good, although I'd like to have heard Glenn sing the entire album like he did on the first Phenomena album, or at least pare the list of singers down to two or three total. And I wonder what Glenn's songs would have sounded like if he'd helped write them?

    The album is a bit heavier than previous outings by the Galley gang, and the production a bit more raw. I can't see the album making waves outside the usual group of PCP's (Phenomena Crazy People), which is unfortunate.

    Favorite track? "How Do You Feel", a ballad with a superb vocal performance by Big Daddy. By the way, anyone else hear a bit of Glenn Hughes-ishness in Lee Small's vocal on "All That I Need"?


  • Mine is on it's way and I'm looking forward to it - Matt Moreton is my mate and his two biggest vocal heroes are David Coverdale and Glenn, and he was terrified when he heard Glenn would be singing on the same CD! :lol:

    He's capable of rising to the occasion though - after touring with Tony Martin in the same band and outshining him on many a night, that's no mean feat! :claphands


  • Really vibing off of psycho fantasy,However I really like the first one where glenn sings on the whole cd.But, this one has some songs I like as well.Of course all the songs glenn sang and tony martin sang and the song so near so far.Papa really put some umfff into it on how do you feel! what a sexy song! He killed it! I like Phenomena 2 dream runner a lot too but,it's hard to tell papa from ray gillen on that one.I did not buy phenomena innervision because glenn was not on it. AAh whatcha gonna do :cool:

  • Quote from BoundforJersey

    Really vibing off of psycho fantasy :cool:

    It has become the resident CD on my player! :clapper:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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