Bogus Deep Purple video from 1980

  • Some of you might remember that Rod Evans fronted a (very) short-lived bogus version of Deep Purple in 1980. I don't know about you, but I've never seen or heard anything by that band. Well, The Highway Star has a short video clip of the band performing in Mexico City in 1980, if you're interested. Have a look at:

    Tsk tsk, Rod...


  • ...haven't been at The Highway star website for a while...that was very interesting stuff...I always thought that they - this new Deep Purple - played only in Mexico city, but it seems that they actually toured north America too...did any GHCPs see them?

    ...funny that original Deep Purple's management misspelled Glenn's name...

    ...has anyone heard of Rod Evans since this episode?

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  • Thanks Todd, that was quite interesting! I haven´t heard any sound material from that Bogus DP so far, although I read a lot of articles about it. "Smoke..." sounded awful, sorry Rod...;) Rod Evans was actually a good singer (beside Bogus DP), its a shame he has ended that way. As far as I know, no one knows where he lives and what he is doing now. He seemed to be disappeared. Even Nick Simper does not have any info about him, as I read on Nick´s website.Its maybe of interest that they played "Might just take your life" too, on one of these few gigs they made and Rod introduced the songs as " of OUR Burn album..." :huh: :D

    It is very sad, even Jon Lord always says that he found Rod a nice bloke and a very talented singer. Rod lost all his royalties from the first 3 LP´s. Nick Simper wisely enough did not get involved in this "adventure", although he was asked to do so, too. By the way, I like the music of WARHORSE very much, Simper´s band after DP. To me they sounded a bit like Mark I DP but more rough and powerful, even the singer of Warhorse did sound a bit like Evans sometimes.

    Anyway, thanks Todd, for the material, very interesting indeed!

    cheers, Achim

  • When Evans and Simper got the boot from DP, they were offered a cash payoff or future royalties. Evans took the first and Simper the second option.

    Achim, have you heard Nick Simpers two Fandango releases - Slipstreaming and Future Times? there are some great songs on there.

  • Ow my god....
    What were these guys thinking....

    And doing a North American tour in a period when there was a high Purple demand. I just hope they weren't playing the big halls and arena's.... :D:D:D

  • Quote from schreinermusic

    By the way, I like the music of WARHORSE very much, Simper´s band after DP. To me they sounded a bit like Mark I DP but more rough and powerful, even the singer of Warhorse did sound a bit like Evans sometimes.

    Warhorse - I actually like them very much, but haven't listened to either of their albums in quite a while. Rick Wakeman was their original keyboard player before they recorded any material and their singer, Ashley Holt, has served as Rick's vocalist (on and off a couple of times through the years) for 30 years plus.

    Many years ago at a second hand vinyl store (rarities store) I overheard a customer asking for anything like Warhorse and among the LPs recommended by one of the staff was actually the Burn LP.

    Quote from wolfysmith

    Achim, have you heard Nick Simpers two Fandango releases - Slipstreaming and Future Times? there are some great songs on there.

    I have Slipstreaming on vinyl, Wolfy, but again haven't listened to it for a while - decent Blues Rock as far as I remember. Simper is an excellent player - uses a right hand technique on the bass similiar to Trevor Bolder's.


  • Believe it or not, until recently Joe Lynn Turner had no idea that there was another band called (Nick Simper's) Fandango, which was recording at the same time as his own American band Fandango. I asked him what he thought of them during an interview last year, and ended up sending him copies of Nick Simper's Fandango albums so he could hear them. Weird, huh?


  • Very interesting reading all your comments, friends! Wolfy, mate, if I remember right, it was quite the opposite, Evans took the future royalties and Simper the cash...but doesnt matter anyway...;)

    I´m sorry, I have never heard any Fandango material, although I would like to.

    Chris, didnt know that Wakeman was in the band before, very interesting. For my money, he is still one of the best keyboard player on this planet.Yes, Simper is a great player, like his kind of playing and improvisations very much.It is nothing new that the whole Mark I lineup has been underrated (including the leaving members) until today.

    Im listening to WARHORSE albums from time to time, I like the RED SEA (1971) LP very much.

    Few weeks ago I received some tracks of the QUATERMASS II CD from 1997 called "Future Road" which also features Nick Simper. Good work, actually.

    Speaking about Quatermass....does anyone of you still listen to the first QUATERMASS incarnation? Very much organ-based jazzrock or psychodelic style. Reminds me sometimes of COLOSSEUM a bit .....which was a great band.

    To make a turnaround to the DP direction again, the keyboarder of COLOSSEUM II (beside the other members John Hiatt and Gary Moore) was Don Airey. Although COLOSSEUM II did not have big commercial successs (which will Jazzrock/Fusion never have, sadly enough), I have always been a huge fan of this kind of this bands albums, especially "Electric Savage" and "War Dance".

    Chris, got your email, write to you after this...have been too busy during the past days, sorry, mate.

    Happy Holidays,


  • It´s hilarious to watch this video. I hardly can imagine people payed for tickets to see this rip-off Deep Purple. Somewhere I read about some riots going on after some of those shows? It takes no wonder that ppl were annoyed by this. I love some songs of Rod, like "Lalena", "Anthem", "Bird has flown", he had a very expressive voice, but his style was very 60´s-like.

    Happy New Year for everyone,

  • Achim, you could be right about Evans and Simper. i just remember that one of them still makes some money from the first 3 DP releases.

    RPM Records released both Warhorse albums on cd (digitally remastered form original tapes) plus bonus tracks. the bonus tracks on Red Sea are the demo tracks for the third lp that neve got released.
    RPM also put out both Fandango lps on 1 cd, missing off one track from each lp. not sure if DPAS are still selling them tho.

    Also love Colusseum II.

    Great (GHPG) minds think alike!

  • Quote from wolfysmith

    Great (GHPG) minds think alike!

    So true!!! :)

    Just dug out the Quatermass album again. I became aware of John Gustafson via The Ian Gillan Band (also featuring the amazing Mark Nauseef on drums!) and found out that he could actually sing when I heard the original Jesus Christ Superstar with Gillan and Murray Head :singer: :clapper:

    Love the track Make Your Mind Up on Quatermass, a great, classic album, complete with its Storm Thorgerson artwork.

    John Gustafson recorded a solo album called Goose Grease in the mid- Seventies that remained unreleased until 1997 when he put it out on Angel Air Records in the UK. Check it out, it's very funky!

    Also love Colosseum II, pity that album two and three are not yet available in remastered form as is the first one. It's also unlikely though since they are on MCA, hence on Universal and won't sell pretty much!?
    A friend of mine had his original copy of Electric Savage signed by all four band members...... :eek:

    Got your e-mail, Achim - keep in touch!!!


    P.S. Hi LisaFunkSW - und Gruezi nach Bern! Es guets Neues!

  • Hi,
    thanks guys - I've been enjoying this thread a LOT! I simply love people who take their Deep Purple Family Tree and their music so seriously...:) :) :) :)

    All the best...and happy new year!

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    ps. what do you think of EMI's Deep Purple - Early Years CD? I think it is pretty awesome! It gives a good "picture" of what that incarnation of Purple were able to do...

  • Quote from wolfysmith

    Achim, you could be right about Evans and Simper. i just remember that one of them still makes some money from the first 3 DP releases.

    Neither Evans or Simper make any money from DP releases. Simper took a lump sum payment when he left the band, Evans elected to take royalties. The fake "1980" Purple were sued by Purple's then management (Coletta/Edwards) and Evans' royalty payments were stopped from that point.

  • Good evening and a Happy New Year to all!!:clapper::thumbup:

    I remember reading something on a Captain Beyond website, an interview with one of the musicians (might have been Bobby Caldwell, but I am not certain..). He was saying that when the group's first two releases were issued on CD in Japan in the early 90's....I bought 'em both!!..the label had to search for Rod Evans to pay him his royalties. He lives in CA somewhere and doesn't seem to want to be in the spotlight at all any longer. I guess the fiasco of the New Deep Purple was about all the headache he could have possibly put on himself.And it reminds me of the two ex-Steppenwolf members, Goldy McJohn and Nick St. Nicholas, who gave up their royalty rights in the late 70's so that they could use the band name and play clubs. They figured that the albums had sold all they would sell....guess their crystal ball wasn't working and so they would have no idea that the introduction of the compact disc in the mid 1980's would revitalize the sale of the catalog; I do remember reading that the back catalog was selling about 600,000 units a year at one point in the early 90's.....guess it sucks to be them!!:(

    Rod Evans made a misguided choice and probably still regrets it to this day:mad:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Yes Rod Evans is apparently now a doctor in Northern California...some people from the runboard ex Highway Star boards did track some medical guy down with that name up there down but never got a response. It's sad it all had to end in such a stupid manner as Rod was great at what he did. Certainly not Gillan or Glenn but he had his own style.


  • Very interesting, John, thanks for the info! Weissheim, you´re right about the royalties. They stopped Evans royalties after the Bogus DP fiasco.

    Happy New Year!


  • I saw the bogus Purple at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino. Think I still have the ticket stub around here somwhere... Although they they weren't great and LOTS of fans threw whatever was available AT THE BAND....They played a full set.....and I don't remember them sounding nearly as bad as they do on that video. They had Herman's Hermits opening for them....was not impressed!!! Still, I'm a big Rod Evans fan and in fact just found a bootleg clip "online";) from a live gig in Texas with Captain Beyond.......I'll keep ya posted...........:singer:

  • That would be great to hear this clip!
    Does anyone have more from the same concert where this short clip of "SOTW" was taken from? I guess they surely filmed the whole concert not only this particular song. Its a kind of collectors item, nowadays.

    cheers, Lisa

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