Comparisons of Glenn on certain songs

  • I love glenn's voice however,I am more geared toward david coverdale on certain deep purple songs that glenn use in his set.Like off of burn,coverdale rocked it singing sail away and mistreated.When glenn sings mistreated somehow to me it's not convincing.When david sings it ,it is.I think david had an old voice when he was young.He just has the right voice for those songs.Also,david rocked soldier of fortune off stormbringer and david rocked dealer,i need love and drifter off come taste the band.To me the only other singer who can sing mistreated is Ronnie James Dio off of the best of rainbow the millenium collection 20th century masters.Glenn is a fabulous well rounded artist but,to me these other guys sound better on these songs :)

  • Quote from BoundforJersey

    .When glenn sings mistreated somehow to me it's not convincing.

    Those are some interesting thoughts BFJ, on the old DP tunes.

    As for Glenn singing Mistreated....when I hear Glenn perform it, I'm convinced that he's the baddest m f-er on the planet! :thumbup:



  • I have to say I'm a big Coverdale / Whitesnake fan but Glenn doing Burn live is always the highlight of the concert for me. I also prefer the studio version on From Now On to the original. I'm not taking anything away from the original but I think he's definitely made it his own.

    Happy Christmas to one and all !!!!!!:noel:

  • Hello,
    this is one of my fav topics...:) Yeah - I love Glenn's version of Mistreated! Somehow - to me - his version is the craziest - the most convincing one. He is singing it from his bleeding heart and you can feel the despair of this heart broken man.

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    Ronnie's version are vocally strong and technically very good, but in my opinion they are lacking that feeling that touches my soul.

    DC sang some very good versions of Mistreated during '74 tour - one from Edinburgh must be the best - but back then Ritchie was still there and I think during those days Mistreated was actually his song!

    happy holidays,

    T :)

  • Quote from mark

    Just like he proved in L.A.!!!
    Right Chip!!!

    You're right Mark.....L.A. and everywhere else.

    I didn't mean to take anything way from Bound For Jersey's original comments. I've often wondered what those DP songs would have sounded like if Glenn and DC would have switched it up.

    I guess I'm not the only one who has strong feelings about Glenn singing Mistreated. To's Glenn's song now ;)

    Every singer for DP had their own unique style, their own niche.
    Sometimes it worked...sometimes it didn't.



  • Here is my worthless thoughts on this subject. I think Glenn doing Mistreated is streching it. I don't really care for it. I have long felt that song is Coverdale's. He is such a bluesy singer, that song was originally done w/o GH and Coverdale doing Mistreated is classic. I agree with earlier comments that Glenn has made Burn his own. The 93 studio version is nothing short of astonishing. Glenn also has done excellent versions of Gypsy, You Fool No One, Stormbringer, Might Just Take Your Life. All are excellent and Glenn makes a strong point that he could have fronted Purple back in the day.
    I just draw that line with Mistreated. I think that song was always about Blackmore and Coverdale. Rainbow's version is less without DC. And Whitesnake's live versoin w/o Ritchie is less.
    How about Glenn doing Dealer, Drifter or please...please.. do Love Child !!!!!

  • I love Glenn's version of MISTREATED, especially during the breakdown at the end. The more succinct it is, the more I like it. The longer it goes on, and the more vocal acrobatics that are wrung from it, the less it does for me.

    As for BURN, I love hearing Glenn do that song. The only disappointment I have with it is that Glenn screams the word "time" instead of holding it out as he did on the original recording. It was sung in full voice, and quite impressively I might add. I'd love to hear that instead.

    As for Coverdale, I most like his singing with Whitesnake. I find his vocal contributions to Deep Purple to be a bit more interesting than Rod Evans, but less appealing than Gillan or Hughes. Sorry.


  • The 2004 version of Mistreated was totally mind blowing and the ending breakdown nearly moved me to tears....I was just watching it last night....Totally fantastic and better than any DP version.


  • Quote from Chip

    As for Glenn singing Mistreated....when I hear Glenn perform it, I'm convinced that he's the baddest m f-er on the planet! :thumbup:


    Thanks for your views BFJ, but Glenn singing Mistreated live ... :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

    I do agree with you on DC singing Soldier of Fortune. Beautiful.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '


  • People,people,people understandably I get that everyone is a HUUUUUUUGE Glenn Hughes fan, so am I however,honest critiquing to me is the best gift a fan can give to an artist! I'm sure he doesn't think that everything he sings is fabulous.Also,i'm sure he has had and probably have people around him telling him that everything he does is great.For example,THAT BLOND HAIR SITUATION IN THE 90's! Folks it's okay to not like everything an artist puts out and still be a fan. It does not take away from that! Obviously Glenn values the fans input and i'm sure he knows in the music business you have to take the good with the bad! To me that's how an artist grows,learns and strenghthen themselves :thumbup:

  • I agree mostly, BFJ.You can be sure that you have the right to speak your mind here and everyone will respect your and all the other opinions. I am surely one of the biggest GH fans too, but OF COURSE there are sometimes certain things which I personally think, that were not so good or a bit "too much", too.Thats quite natural, this is no "worship me or die" game here :lol:

    Speaking about the songs you mentioned, I would have to say "yes", "Mistreated" did fit perfectly to DC´s voice, he had that deep bluesy feeling in his voice. I like his version of the "Live in London" LP (wasnt it in Kilburn?) very much. And YES, GH converted this song to be one of his own, since he changed a bit the arrangement, the key in which the song is played and, of course, he added that special "outro" (which DC did as well in a slightly different way). Ronnie did also a great job on Raimbow "On Stage" doing it. So to me, its always like a different song, depending who is singing it. It is nothing bad in critizing an artist in a constructive way, like you did.Don´t worry, mate :)

    We are a bunch of friendly people here with different tastes ect. we can deal with different views about some aspects pretty well, I hope :D

    The bottom line is: We all love this song!!!! :D

    Have a good start into the New Year!


  • Hello "Jersey"
    (Why are you listed as from Buffalo, New York?)

    I'm from the:
    "Glenn Hughes can sing the phone book" GHCP point of view.
    But we've had discussions here, and on that sometimes
    Glenn puts too much into a song, almost making it sound like a
    "demo/audition record" to show what he can do. We certainly
    aren't a bunch of robots here.....and nobody's a yes-man, either.
    There are a lot of professional musicians who post here, and sometimes
    they like what Glenn has done musically, and sometimes they don't.

    Plus....we have the perennial argument from the fans:
    I want MORE ROCK and less funk in the next GH solo CD.
    I want MORE FUNK and less rock in the next GH solo CD.
    So there's no way that Glenn can keep ALL OF US happy at the same time.

    PS.......Some guys get a tattoo, and regret it forever.
    At least "that blond hair situation in the 90's" was temporary.
    (We try not to mention it too often.:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: )

    We also had a recent poll, as to which "GH LOOK" from the past,
    we GHCPs preferred. It was referred to as: playing Mr. Potato Head with Glenn........
    That was lots of fun!!!!!

    We consider ourselves to be personal friends of GH.
    You tell your friend the truth, as you see it.
    Then......depending on the duck for cover.

    Just kidding..........
    Besides, Mrs. Hughes didn't raise no stupid kid, none.
    Glenn can probably tell "a phoney friend" from a mile off.


  • Hi! Grace,
    I'm listed as Buffalo,NY because that's where I reside.However, I'm a Jersey girl born and raised all the way! I've been residing in Buffalo now for almost 4 years . The boundforJersey screen name was formed back in mid 2000 when I moved from Jersey to Texas for business reasons of course! I was so out of my element there that everything I did was symbolic until I moved here. It's still not Jersey or NYC, but rest assured to me it's better than Texas!But, I digress , I'm glad to see that you as well as other folks get what I am saying! It's good to know. I did not want to offend anyone. Sometimes I am too passionate about my opinions as well as acrimonious. Hey, a moment of clarity here, not to sound cliche' but, that's something for me to work on for the new year!

  • I know what you mean, Bound for Jersey.
    I was born in the city, and have lived in Jersey for years.
    But if I ended up living in a space colony on Mars.......
    ........inscribed on my heart would always be "I (LUV) N Y ."

    Probably wearing a t-shirt too, that said:
    .........YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT, HUNNY?.........:lol:

    Quote from MISTREATED


    You might not believe me, Mistreated, but I really don't
    consider myself a GH fanatic, either. A fanatic would claim
    that everything is perfect, whether that was true or not.
    And I am really not a GH robot or fanatic.
    OK, I'm a GH Crazy Person; but that's another story.:lol:

    I really don't know of anybody else, who can do what Glenn
    does with a song. Ballad, heavy rock, funk, soul, plus Latin, too?
    And when you hear a GH song on a CD, you can picture that
    Glenn is giving the most emotional performance possible.
    WATCHING HIM SING during a live performance, is almost
    impossible to describe.

    If you wanted to use the word fanatic, it would concern how
    determined we GHCPs are, to see our boy get the publicity,
    recognition (and the tours) that he deserves.


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