Who are the top Ten guitar players in rock?

  • mine

    1. Ritchie Blackmore
    2. John Norum
    3. JJ Marsh
    4. David Gilmour
    5. Tommy Bolin
    6. Tony Iommi
    7. Bernie Marsden / Micky Moody (together)
    8. Mark Knopfler
    9. Rory Gallagher
    10. Yngwie Malmsteen

  • I've never sat down and thought about listing guitarists--my list would probably be similar to many others if I did.

    One exception would probably be Phil Keaggy. If you're not familiar with him, do a you tube search. I've seen him live many times--just him and his gutar. He is incredible to watch. And he's a really nice guy!

  • Hi Grace, I saw Joe Stump half a year ago in a small club here in Den Haag, The Netherlands. A marvellous hard rock guitar player and fast indeed. I bought his cd on the spot. He's a huge Backmore fan bytheway. He even played a few Rainbow/Purple tunes. I love to see him making an album with a famous singer....

    My top 5 guitar players....

    1. Tony Iommi
    2. Blackmore
    3. Vinnie Vincent
    3. Yngwie
    4. Page
    5. Ace Frehley

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