Graham Bonnet Trivia Question

  • Graham had a song called These Eyes in 1980/81 which I believe was released as a single in the UK.My question is this.The song was used in a TV advertising campaing for a very well known American brand of clothing(with a slightly different title-to match the brand name) .What was it called?What was it advertising? ;) Good guesing.

    P.S Emma uk not allowed to answer as she is my daughter!

  • Quote from toadsterama

    It was for Levi's. When the song was eventually released as a single, Bonnet did not appear on it. It was recorded by Young & Moody.


    Now that is impressive Todd... :clapper:
    While you're at it, who the heck were Young & Moody; sounds like me when I was fifteen :confused:

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  • Hey Todd, are the winner of this weeks Triv Masters competition. You can come by and pick up your keys for your brand new Chrysler Cordoba...*imitating Ricardo Montalban* ..."with the fine Corinthian leather!":D

    On the job as always....:thumbup:

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