Gettin Tighter off of Freak Flag Flyin

  • of my faves...that's for sure!...But you know ME...I love songs from CTTB!!! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    ...there's no live version of Coming Home - there is, but it isn't released - anyway... what do you think of an idea of collecting live versions of those songs here?

    Of course Glenn doesn't sing lead on every song, but he can be heard doing backing vocals...:)

    Here's 30 years old version of Getting Tighter...

    (again - sorry if I've posted this one before...)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • Hi jerklund,

    CTTB is a fantastic album, What do you think about "Dealer"?
    I think there is a bootleg where it is performed. I also think that there's a bootleg from Florida where appears "Comin' home" but the sound quality is very bad.



  • Hello Pere,

    "Come Taste The Band" is the only DP album that was performed in its entirety at the time of its release. "Dealer" and "Comin' Home" were performed when the band played in the States, "I Need Love" got performance time over in Japan. Was "You Keep On Moving" performed in the States at all or in the final UK tour?? I have wondered about that.....

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    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


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  • Hi,
    there's a nice version of Dealer on bootleg called "In Deep Grief" or "Tommy's Night" which was recorded in Miami, Florida.

    It is weird that they didn't play "You Keep On Moving" neither on the US (have to check this) nor the UK tour. It was a single after seems that it was dropped from setlist already after gigs in Japan.

    Does anyone know how that single did in charts?

    I'm listening to Wembley Empire Pool 13.3.1976 gig at the moment...and it isn't that bad...sound quality is quite horrible though...:(

    I'm still wondering what was the real reason why Deep Purple split after this tour...and why Coletta/Edwards let it happen...

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  • Indeed, there IS a live version of "DEALER" as part of the "In Deep Grief" bootleg and if you like to take a listen, it is uploaded here on about 2 years ago by myself. The sound quality is actually not the best but its okay.I got my copy of "Freak Flag Flying" these days and Im totally blown away by Glenns performance! You can also hear a lot more keyboards than in "Soulful..." The performance is very energetic and powerful, espescially "Higher Places" and "In my Blood". Great moment in time which has been saved there.

    Merry christmas everyone, Achim

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