• I used to think that it was a stroke of genious when the KLF enlisted Glenn for their services in 1992. I really knew very little about them until I heard of Glenn's work with them. It was really great for both parties. But I just read something in the paper today that sounds unbelievable.... (for such genious'). The Title of the article is "Rock Stars Have a Way With Cash" (New York Daily News) Here's the quote-
    "British pop duo the KLF actually set fire to $1.7 million in cash in a 1994 video"....

    Wow! (I hope that they paid you well Glenn...- It was probably you that made them so much money). That's just plain stupid...think of all the starving people in the world that they could have fed! Glad Glenn no longer has any affiliation with them!

    Some other interesting spendings were- Tommy Lee buying a Starbucks franchise so he could build a coffeee house in his home for Pamela. Bono paying $1700 to have his favorite hat (that he forgot) flown first class to a gig in Italy. Crazy!


  • Not sure how accurate that amount of money burnt was - they certainly burnt some, and let it be known that it was a ridiculous amount. The KLF didn't think of themselves as musicians, but "Art terrorists" and could certainly be a bit scary. They once opened a televised music awards show over here in the guise of one of their alter egos - "Extreme Noise Terror" I believe. Completely unlistenable death metal racket which ended with them pulling out machine guns and frightening the sh*t out of the audience :eek: Not very clever looking back, but what an opening act !! Don't think they were invited back the next year. So I never quite understood how they came to choose Glenn - great decision though it was :thumbup:

  • Steve has pretty well summed it all up there. It's generally thought that the notes were counterfeit or only a few real ones were actually destroyed. It was a publicity stunt to demonstrate that "pop music" was dispensible. Bill Drummond wrote a book early in his career which showed how anyone can get a hit record in the shops using his step by step guide! The KLF virtually evolved from this experiment.

    But yep anyhow, "What Time is Love?" is a great song and one I can still listen to again and again.

  • When Glenn Hughes collaborated with KLF on the single "'America What Time Is Love". What chart position did it reach in the UK charts?


  • Here's an article from UK magazine, "The Face", first published in an issue from February 1992.


    Following on from the successful remake of their album track “Justified And Ancient” with Tammy Wynette, on February 10 The KLF offer yet another version of “What Time Is Love?” — this one featuring ex-Deep Purple man Glenn Hughes on vocals and plentiful helpings of screeching rock guitars. As usual, the single is backed by an extravagantly over-the-top video, filmed in the same week as their lavish Tammy promo and featuring rock chicks, lots of water, and the longship from Terry Jones’ 1989 film Erik The Viking. (The KLF gave it to the Dark Age Society afterwards, who were apparently “very pleased”.) Shot in B&W by director Bill Butts on Pinewood’s “007″ stage, the biggest soundstage in Europe, the promo was originally made with America in mind, but the mix was eventually only released there as a B-side (”They said top 40 radio would never play it”). Those who feel it is now impossible for the band to push the same songs into the chart yet again may be interested to know that there is also another version of “3am Eternal”, recorded with Ipswich thrash merchants Extreme Noise Terror and originally intended as a one-off for the Christmas Top Of The Pops until the BBC rejected it as unsuitable. A thousand seven-inch singles of this collaboration were recently made available by mail order, and there are also rumours of a thrash LP with the group and even a rock- based tour though, as with all KLF/JAMMS projects, this could change. Does this mean that The KLF are now moving in a metal direction? Will they ever write a new song? Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond would probably like to answer such questions, but the truth is, they don’t know themselves

    The KLF meet Erik The Viking on Pinewood’s James Bond stage in a video that should make “What Time Is Love?” a UK chart hit again.

    Photography by Paul Graham

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