New album!

  • hi David,
    can you tell us a bit more...what "type" of stuff is he doing...TWII, Feel, FNO, SM or perhaps Fused-like heavier material???? Epics like on Trapeze's albums or "I go Insane" type of songs?...details, details...please, please,please...:)

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  • Its great you guys love the old stuff so much..but an artist has to change and challenges are what keeps the blood flowing. Papa wants to always make the best music one can at the time of his life that is now. I totally embrace that ...being honest and from the heart and soul. the cool thing is , he can deliver the goods!
    I cant say too much right now..but i can tell you we are planning to record in my house in hollywood starting in jan.
    we've worked on about 12 songs with more to come and its the most varied material ..from quiet raw numbers too balls out rock to epic "dont let me bleed " types to hard funk.etc
    i hear you guys talking about production and sound quality...
    this will have a unique(my house)sound to it..we will utilize the different rooms..drums especially! the engineer and mixer for the new peppers record will do it..he's fantastic and was blown away by what were doin. glenn is working very hard on the songs and the just helping with the arrangements a little. it's going to be a very happy new year!

    i hope this gives you some insight to the next chapter..

  • Million thanks Soulmover... is awesome to have some "inside"...:)

    Would it be possible to have some updates here every now and then while you're and stuff...sort of "Funky Monks" type of thing...if you know what I mean...?



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  • I was pretty happy with the "Soul Mover" cd as a whole, so a new cd along those lines would be fine with me. I like the fact that GH isn't afraid to try new things instead of making the same cd year after year. While I prefer the funkier stuff, I like anything as long as the songwriting is good.

    Any plans for another guest appearance on the new cd (ala Navarro on "Soul Mover")??

  • We are going to write a song with john Frusciante in December.
    He will play on that one a maybe on some of the others.
    But you never know who might show up!
    all my friends love to play with papa

  • Cool - I really liked "Nights in White Satin", especially John's playing. I thought the entire performance of the song was great, but I thought his guitar, in particular, is what really gave it a unique interpretation of the original version. Good luck on the new cd.

  • Todd can confirm this also. When Glenn was here in Phoenix this past September he, and Chad, mentioned a few things about the album. One that we all had a chuckle over was that there is suppose to be 'two epics and an opus' on it :lol:

    Looking forward to the new album being released, it sounds exciting.


  • GLENN HUGHES: New Solo Album Will Contain 'The Most Varied Material' - Nov. 15, 2005
    According to a posting on, legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) is currently working with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith on the material for Hughes' new solo CD, which will be recorded at Smith's home studio in Hollywood, California. 12 songs have been written for the CD so far, with more to come. Says Chad, "It's the most varied material, from quite raw numbers, to balls-out rock, to epic 'Dont Let Me Bleed' types to hard funk. The engineer and mixer for the new PEPPERS record will do it... He's fantastic and was blown away by what were doing."
    The upcoming effort will feature not only Chad, but also fellow CHILI PEPPER John Frusciante (guitar), who will perform on one song that he has co-written, and possibly some others as well. A tentative late spring/early summer release is expected.

    Hughes's latest solo album, "Soul Mover", was released eaelier in teh year on Sanctuary Records. The CD was recorded live at Sound Image Studios in Los Angeles in the spring of 2004 and features Smith, JJ Marsh on guitar and Ed Roth on keyboards. The album also contains a special guest appearance by ex-RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro on the title track.

    Hughes's most recent full-length release was a collaboration with BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi on Iommi's solo album "Fused". Joining Iommi and Hughes on "Fused" was former JOHN MELLENCAMP drummer Kenny Aronoff, who has also played sessions with the likes of THE ROLLING STONES, BOB DYLAN, ROD STEWART, ALICE COOPER, BOB SEGER, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and countless others.

  • Hi Yall,

    what i am wondering...
    The mixer and engineer of the new RHCP will also do Big Daddy's new studio effort.....

    Is it going to be a bit more 'radio' and 'mtv' stuff?
    i mean the world is ready for a new funkrockband (which such awesome music and huge followers like well hmmm the RHCP:lol: :bow: )
    Or is it going to be 'just' another GH gem?

    I think it is going to be Glenn's world wide 'comeback'
    because this morning i woke up from a dream that Glenn had a worldwide hit with a song about tollerance etc (a bit like an oprah winfrey show kinda feeling:) ) in an funked up rock setting. I even saw the video (man i must get some more sleep and a life :lol: :lol: )

    So i think this new cd is another step towards in making the living legend even greater. (i even don't mind that 'fused' won't get a tour so Big Daddy can focus on his own career)

    Word to Soulmover:
    Man you must have a blast:thumbup: :clapper: :lol: :bow:

    Keep up the funk

  • A new album!!!!! I cant wait!!!!! may this mean a tour aswell? hope so, i wanna see it live!!!!! Ive been to a couple of gigs these past few weeks, bloc party and Hard-Fi, and Im going to see Hard-fi again december 3rd in Sheffield. 3 weeks before my birthday, happy birthday to me! i wanna go to more gigs. i have issues about turning 21, dunno why. sorry to get off the point, but im really looking forward to the new album, whenever it may surface. the john frusciante stuff has intrigued me, i really like his guitar playing, cant wait to hear what its like, he he:bouncer:

    bye for now:bye:

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