• Though Mel Galley and Dave Holland played on Glenn's debut album "Play Me Out", did they write any songs for the album ?.


  • I like the album a lot, but I still think it would have been intersting if David Bowie had produced it as originally intended. Would have been a perfect album for Tommy Bolin to play on to :(

  • Anyone else out there not really care for Play Me Out, other than me? I've said it before - if Play Me Out was the first thing I had ever heard by Glenn, it would have been a long time before I ever ventured to purchase another of his albums.


  • Well, I'm one that really enjoys this outing. I wish some of them would get some live play from time to time. He's teased us a couple of times over the years with lines thrown in at the end of a song at certain shows, but it would be great to hear say LA Cut Off or Space High sometime. Perhaps he could do some "B" side reworks of numbers like these one day, that would do for me in the meantime :)

  • I too think maybe with Bowie doing the production it might have been more to my liking....that being said, there are parts of the album that I like and Space High would be one of them. It is not my favorite by any stretch...

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  • I really like this album.

    I Found a Woman would be a massive hit if done by a "big name". This is one of the songs that i romanced my wife with!

    I also love Fools Condition and Getting Near to You that he added onto the Special Edition. And Take Me With You is pure class.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • It took Glenn nearly 20 years and the release of Feel for Glenn to let his love of funk and soul be the centerpiece of an album or CD. And it will always be a favorite of mine for that reason!

    I can remember coming across a vinyl copy of the album in a record shop in San Antonio...this must have been in 1984 or so. I was working at a landscape company back then and I worked with a guy named Roland Salazar. Roland was a singer/bassist and Glenn was his main man!! Steve Beck, the foreman, played guitar and he and Roland had a band together....I vividly remember sitting in the practice room at the other guitarist's house while they rehearsed....one of the songs they did was Coast To Coast. I think Roland saw one of the Hughes Thrall Texas shows if I remember correctly...

    Wow..where does the time go?? I haven't seen Roland in over 20 years......wonder what he is up to now?? :eek:

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  • Personally I love that record. I still have the first CD edition of it with all of the disco stuff tacked on to the end. I love Glenns "rock" side, but I love his soul/R&B side as much or more. I think many folks had a negative reaction to it which is why he leaned in that metal vein for so long.

  • During the first couple of listenings to the album, I felt a bit lost, I have to admit. I took me some time to get into the album, but I was only 18 at that time, maybe I didnt have the sense for that music at that time. Maybe it was because I expected something totally different, more in the Purple vein. Later then, until now, I learned to love the album as one of the greatest pure soul/funk albums that I know.Wolfy is right, "I found a woman" is such a lovely ballad, its a pity that noone is playing this song anymore. I also love the "heavy funk tunes" of that album very much like "Solution" ect. This is great music. I wish (which will be impossible to do, actually) Glenn would do a strict FUNK and SOUL concert or minitour which would feature all these AMAZING tracks he did record over the years, starting with songs from "PMO" and some of "Feel", "The Way it is" ect. Im sure the GH fans which are more part of the "FUNK/SOUL" edge would highly appreciate that kind of thing! Even someone loves the "classic rock" side of Glenn more than the funk side, but THAT is exactly what makes the music of Glenn for us so diverse and never boring!

    Merry Christmas everyone,


  • Todd, this was a big letdown for me as compared to Glenn's Trapeze days but the album eventually grew on me. Most of my friends who liked Trapeze hated Play Me Out (don't think it ever grew on them...). You just got to go with 'da funk'.....:D

  • I've been a huge Glenn fan for about one year now (of course, prior to that, I appreciated his voice in Purple & Sabbath). On whim, I bought "Building the Machine", was totally blown away, and the rest is history!

    With that said, I literally JUST picked up "Play Me Out" 2 weeks ago, and am SHOCKED at how awesome this record is! I say shocked because I find "Feel" to be his weakest effort (still a strong record, I just the rest much more) and all of the reviews said that "Feel" was to be a throwback to the "Play Me Out" style. Well perhaps it is, but it doesn't pack the punch that Play Me does! I love the fast, heavy-funky basslines, the vocals, everything! Awesome record!!

    Now I'm going to have to find the "Four on teh Floor" thing that I see people here talking about!

  • I think PMO is a terrific album. It was recorded in a relatively small studio called Lee Sound Studios in Pelsall, England. I was fortunate enough to be present at some of the sessions and it was great seeing and hearing the tracks evolve. Andy Field (RIP), one of Glenn/Trapeze's road crew asked me if I'd got any gear that may be of use in the sessions. I loaned my Fender Twin Reverb and it was used on some of the tracks. For me, the album stands the test of time and I have friends who think that it is still Glenn's best solo album.

  • Would love to hear and see Glenn work with a pumping Brass Section and reboot some choice 'Play Me Out' and Trapeze material along with some tracks from 'Feel'. Glenn could hole up a Stax Records in Memphis, film it for a one off presentation.

  • Don‘t know the reason Glenn never made an album again with lots of percussion and horn section. So funky!

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