DIO to collaborate with IOMMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [url=''][/url]RONNIE JAMES DIO To Collaborate With TONY IOMMI On New BLACK SABBATH Project - Oct. 23, 2005
    Legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio has revealed during an interview with BBC Radio 2's "Masters of Rock" program that he will once again be collaborating with BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi.

    "At this particular point — if all doesn't fall through, and I doubt that it will — Tony Iommi and I are going to write a couple of tracks together for a project that I think is called 'Black Sabbath – The Dio Years'," Dio said. "So that'll be two unreleased tracks which I'm sure will be interesting to old SABBATH fans, and maybe [even] the new SABBATH fans."

    To listen to a playback of the "Masters of Rock" program featuring Dio, click here (the above-mentioned quote can be heard approximately 36 minutes and 10 seconds into the show — at the 19:36:10 mark).

    Dio recorded a total of three studio albums with BLACK SABBATH — 1980's "Heaven and Hell", 1981's "Mob Rules" and 1992's "Dehumanizer" — in addition to appearing on the classic live album "Live Evil" in 1983.

    Dio is currently touring Europe with his solo band, which currently includes guitarist Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE) filling in for an injured Craig Goldy. Check out pictures from the group's headlining show Saturday night (Oct. 22) at the Astoria in London, England: Wire Image.

    courtesy of BLABBERMOUTH.NET

    Very exciting news,,now where is our "Fused Tour"?

  • Dio and Iommi back together - Oh Yes. Saw Dio last friday and he was in superb form. Playing a set of classics (nothing post 1984 !) he was in fine voice for a man of (allegedly) 62 - though his teeth looked nothing like that age ! :D GH and RJD prove that a great voice can last a lifetime - take note O.O.

  • i remember reading an article where dio said he would never play with tony and geezer again (after they ran off to be with ozzy which ended up not happening)


    In fact Steve28, most sources list Dio as either 64 or 65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like GH, JLT and IG, an inspiration to me always proving indeed that great voices and music are FOREVER!!

  • I saw him on Friday in London, it was a superb set and he and the band were on fire!:bow: :bow:

    I'd love to see a Sabbath tour with RJD, it'd be FAAAARRRR better than an Ozzy show, as OO is burnt out and pathetic (uh-oh I'm gonna get an angry mob of Texans throwing eggs at me on Sharon's orders! At least it won't spoil 45,000 peoples evening this time though...).

    H&H, Mob and Dehanizer are IMO better albums than the Ozzy ones (so is Seventh Star :thumbup:).

  • Official Statement Regarding Black Sabbath and Ronnie James Dio

    "With respect to the recent rumors of Ronnie James Dio's rejoining BLACK SABBATH, DIO manager Wendy Dio commented, 'Ronnie is not rejoining BLACK SABBATH. He's very happy with his own band and will be touring festivals next year with DIO, NOT Ozzfest. The writing project is just something that may happen between Tony and Ronnie if they have time between their own projects to write one or two songs to be included on the 'Black Sabbath: The Dio Years' box set.'"

  • What do you think those new songs will be?
    I'm guessing the left-overs from the Dehumanizer rehearsals:
    Bad Blood and 'The Next Time' (or 'Night Lies') if you listen to the lyrics.

  • Quote from martial

    "Fused" sales were very low.....:mad:

    Is this official Martial? Fused was the slowest grower for me, but it's played repeatedly in my car, at home and in the office at the moment. I keep changing my mind over my fave tracks ... this week it is yet again the Resolution Song, Grace and I Go Insane - the latter could go on for twenty minutes and it wouldn't be long enough! :bow:

    Be patient - Big Daddy's gonna deliver the goods when he's good and ready! ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hi Shirl,

    Fused is for me a good cd but a little more experimental would be better personally...
    About a tour, i think the ball is in the Iommi camp. I think Iommi will not to tour in small venues ( and you know Big sales will say big venues)...
    Anyway i hope i'm wrong....

  • :thumbup: Features one of the greatest pairs in heavy metal Sabbath- riff-meister extra-ordinare. Fused far surpasses the previous efforts, in fact this album is a contender for best metal album of 2005. It's that good.

    The pair are joined by session drummer and the producer.Iommi's patented pile-driver riffs are brilliantly complimented by the incredibly soulful vocals of Glenn, this is what great heavy metal is all about. What an amazing combination, extreme heaviness, soulful class, great songs, all young wannabees take note. Every track is brilliant & production is flawless, so rich, so heavy with an incredible live ambiance that greatly enhances Iommi's monumental guitar tone as well as the drum mix and Glenn's voice holy {fu-k}! The man's voice is a true gift, so powerful yet so melodic & soulful. I have been a huge fan since Purple and all solo albums. What an unbelievable talent, it's so refreshing hearing him paired up with Iommi, belting out powerful anthems. Don't get me wrong i love Glenn's funk fueled solo albums but hearing his voice paired with the ultimate metal guitarist is like a true remedy.
    I haven't heard a metal guitar/vocal duo this powerful since Blackmore/Dio Every song is a metal classic.

    You want to hear the real deal buy this!

    Thought you may enjoy the review.

    Regards Peter Crisp

    that would be great

  • Wow... that sounds like a review I'd write!

    Is it just me? Or has the whole "Fused" frenzie just went dead on this site? I've been diggin' on it all along...and there just hasn't been much talk (as of late) about this great peice of work. I would think that all of us Hughes fans would- and should keep pushing the awareness of this album- granted we're only 5 to 7 hundred strong... edit! my bad..over 900!
    Could it be that it's not just the Hughes fans? Could the masses have lost interest so soon? Or did the record company not succeed in putting this album out in front of the masses? I just can't understand it. Or maybe I'm just an old rocker that doesn't know or understand what's going on in the music world today?
    I don't care- I'll just make it a well kept secret for myself... the album rocks and it moves me. (It kicks ass)


  • I've said it before... Blabbers are like most Bloggers.... you got to separate the truth from the bull. "Collaberate" does not mean Dio joins Black Sabbath. Reading how the Blabber's twisted that story so fast made me laugh... but there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking....hell- I'm still not giving up hope on a Fused tour!

    Official Statement Regarding Black Sabbath and Ronnie James Dio

    We’d like to thank Wendy Dio for talking sense about the rumours concerning Ronnie Dio and Black Sabbath.
    To reiterate, Warner Bros Records have been looking at putting out a Sabbath Box Set featuring Ronnie for some time and recently the search for previously unreleased material began.
    Amongst this, there are unfinished demos but they may not be considered worthwhile, in which case the guys might write something new.
    This is a long-term album project and no release date has been set.

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