Dio - Glasgow - 14th October 2005

  • Dio - Carling Academy, Glasgow

    Ronnie James Dio
    Doug Aldrich
    Rudy Sarzo
    Simon Wright
    Scott Warren

    The last Dio gig at the same venue was the best gig I saw all year. Ronnie on top form, a fantastic set-list and the best line-up to date giving the performance of their lives. Could they match it this year?

    The gig was delayed due to the band arriving late for the soundcheck, so the band didn't hit the stage until 8:50. The venue was packed and the crowd were getting restless due to the long wait.

    They kicked things off with Tarot Woman - a faithful rendition, only omitting the long keyboard intro. Sign Of The Southern Cross merges into One Night In The City. Ronnie then introduces the Holy Diver section of the show. The band go offstage and the Holy Diver intro film starts. .... Or that's what should have happened! After the band have been offstage for a couple of minutes, and it's obvious that the screen is having "technical problems" they return and plunge straight into Stand Up And Shout, followed immediately by Holy Diver.

    Rudy Sarzo is again the star of the show for me. A great bass player with a magnetic onstage presence. Simon Wright turns in his usual powerful performance, with another entertaining Cozy Powell-esque drum solo. Doug Aldrich is better tonight than his previous Glasgow outing with Dio, where he had sound problems from the start which seemed to badly affect his performance. I'm not a fan of his style, but it has to be said that he played a blinder on the Holy Diver material, particularly Straight Through The Heart. Ronnie is as good as he always is!

    The rest of the Holy Diver material brought back great memories. It was fantastic to hear Straight Through The Heart and Invisible again - they were the highlights of this section for me. Doug had a solo spot towards the end of the Holy Diver section, which I found really boring, I'm afraid to say. A continual flurry of guitar notes with no emotion whatsoever doesn't cut it for me. He does show a bit of what he could be capable of when the rest of the band join him towards the end of his spot, but it's the low point of the show.

    A reprise of Holy Diver rounds off the nostalgia trip, and then it's on with the rest of the show. Gates Of Babylon goes down a storm again, but is topped by the best rendition of Heaven and Hell I've witnessed. Stunning stuff. Man On The Silver Mountain continues the momentum, and then Long Live Rock 'n' Roll gives the band a break (Ronnie conducting the usual crowd participation). He then gives a tantalising teaser of a few bars of Catch The Rainbow. Just Ronnie and Scott, and it sends shivers up the spine!

    The Last In Line and We Rock round off the night - both played excellently and the crowd love it.

    The highlights of the gig were SOTSC, Straight Through The Heart, Gates Of Babylon, Heaven and Hell, MOTSM and Catch The Rainbow.

    I took my 10-year old son along (his first ever concert), and he loved it. They were "beyond words", he said :)

  • Hello,

    sounds like an amazing show, with a lot of classic songs.
    That's a show I would really like to see on DVD.....


    :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    Jops, Sweden

  • ...that Ronnie & Co. are in form, since we are looking forward to seeing them 9.12. in Jyväskylä, Finland, together with Uriah Heep and Asia. I would prefer just two bands and thus a longer set from Dio, but we'll see how it turns out.

    Great to hear your kid loves good music, maybe it's genetical... :) Must have been quite a memorable experience as it was his first live show ever. Next time maybe Glenn & Tony? Thanks for the review!

    Christmas will be heavy. ;)

    - Arnito -

  • Hi!
    yeah - it seems that guitar players come and go...but Ronnie James is the one who is irreplaceable!
    Long live Ronnie James Dio's rock'n'roll!!! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    ...can't wait to see Asia...:) By the way - it is nice that Dio has now Doug and Asia has Jay Schellen...isn't that half of "Slave To The Thrill" -era Hurricane...:)

    T:) :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • Saw them last night in Manchester. What a show! After seeing them go down so well at Sweden Rock, we felt we had to go, and it was amazing. Great to see so many kids in the audience too. There were a couple of girls in the bar who didn't even look old enough to get served, and as they were waiting, they were singing along with every word- you know the way you do when a song is playing that you know instinctively all the way through? I was very impressed.

  • "That's a show I would really like to see on DVD....."

    I think they're filming the London show for a DVD release. Lets hope they'll include the whole show!!

    Rock on!

  • Hi,
    I thought they filmed Russian shows for forthcoming Holy Diver -DVD....:huh: :huh: :huh:

    It would be odd to add some extras from the UK shows, because now they have a different guitar player...

    T:) :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • I was surprised to see Doug Aldrich in the line-up - does that mean, that he is out of Whitesnake? He's still on their website.
    (yet I prefer Reb Beach anyway ;) )


  • No, he just stepped in as Craig Goldie was ill. Something wrong with his arm, or something. He was the obvious choice at short notice as he knew all the material from being in the band before he joined Whitesnake.

  • hi,
    I watched Dio's Evil or Devine -DVD this morning...and to be totally honest, I was kinda disappointed...it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Perhaps the magic of Dio's live show doesn't come through tv-screen that well????

    ...on the other hand - I've been enjoying SLITCOA DVD a lot lately....:)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


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