Glenn's Bass

  • Hi Everyone,

    Especially those who know more about Glenn.

    I was wondering why he uses Fender basses on stage 'cause he has this Manne-bass deal going on? Does it suck or is just too good bass to be ruined on tours? I know that gigging can just kill your instrument.


  • I think you'll see him using his Signature Bass for most live appearances from now on. There was some "fine tuning" that needed to be done which is why he fell back to the trusty Fender, Schecter and Fodera basses for a short time :) I haven't heard the newly tuned Manne yet, but from all accounts it's a funky SOB :p

  • Jarko, see my norwich report. Glenn bass sound was amazing. He told me that this was the finished article and he was really pleased with it - hence the photos.

    so i would expect him to play it at each show from now on.

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