"Fused" Finally Moved ...

  • From my CD Changers #1 position... and it took a Beatle to do it!

    I have listened to Paul's "Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard" since Tuesday- slightly on the mellower side.. but some wonderful songwriting. There are a couple "Wing's Style" compositions... but many Beatlesque Keyboard based songs ("English Tea") as well as acoustic Ballads such as "Jenny Wren"- similar to "Blackbird". I haven't taken the time to read any reviews of the album yet- but a friend told me that he heard it was Paul's best work since the Beatles... and I think I'm going to have to agree. I think it's his best body of work since his 1/2+ body in "Abbey Road" . He plays most of the instruments himself- and of course- great production. The same friend also told me he heard that Paul made a concious effort to think "what would John contribute to this one?".... and you can hear it in a few of the harmonys.

    Curious to see what kind of airplay tracks will get from this CD.... if any, in this day and age (40 years ago this man's voice made the charts!). I doubt that any artist will ever out-do the influences and longevity of the Beatles. Not in our lifetime anyway!

    You Beatle fans out there are going to really like this one!

    Paully's a genious and a master...:bow:



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