Whole Lotta Website!

  • Hi David & Shirean!

    To speak for us all here who we appreciate your daily work on this website very much, I must say "thank you very much" for it! Speaking for myself, it is the place I visit the most on the net and by far! I know what its like to keep such a homepage over such a long period to with all these features you provide to us. Keep up that good work. Maybe one day you can lay both websites, yours and Fedor´s, together into one single. Just a suggestion....
    To pay an suitable tribute to you I recorded "Whole Lotta Rosie" completely new and created new lyrics as well. Hope you enjoy it, my friends!

    Here are the lyrics, in case you don´t understand all the singing:

    Wanna tell you a story,

    about a website I know

    When it comes to lovin

    she steals the show

    she is exactly pretty and exactly large

    HTP and GH,

    you can say she´s got it all

    never saw a website, never saw a website like yours

    having a the things, having all the best all the news

    aint no fairy story and no skin and bone

    but its giving all to us, call it the ghcp´s home

    you´re a whole lotta website

    a whole lotta website

    a whole lotta website

    a whole lotta website

    oh honey, i could spent there

    all the time and all night long

    only one to turn

    only one to turn me on

    all through the night time

    and right around the clock

    to our surprise

    david & shirean never stops

    Thanks for creating such a comfortable place to spend quality time.



  • MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.....:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    Danke Schön - Thanks Achim - I think you nailed it perfectly!!!

    ....but yes - I seriously doubt there are any other websites like this one - basicly dedicated to one artist. KIITOS David & Shirean :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • Hi Achy,
    The man has done it again....you know what i've said about your talents mate:claphands

    Great job....and fantastic solo's....and hey!!!!Jon Lord playing on the track also...nice touch mate.

    Knowing Achim he did all of this while waiting for the kettle to boil......the guy is a songwriting machine that does'nt stop.

    Keep on doing it mate :thumbup:


    Pete S.

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