Hi !!!!!!!!!!

  • I Just Like to say "hello" to all rock n roll fans in this forum . I started to hear the Glenn hughes music with the record "The way it is" and I Loved. Glenn, I wait for a show in São Paulo. God bless you all!!!!:bouncer:

  • Welcome, Rafael.

    If you just discovered Glenn Hughes, and his music,
    then you'll find a great deal of information on this web site.
    So you'll be busy doing a lot of reading while waiting for a
    GH concert to happen in Brazil.

    There's even a small film/sound clip, of Glenn appearing on
    the "Tourma de Cultura" music program, in Portuguese.
    (With a teen-aged girl and boy as the hosts.)

    Shirean and David Harrison will know all the details of this....

    Enjoy the music..........:hi5:


  • Hi Rafael - welcome aboard, be sure and have a good look around, lots to see and do here :)

    Grace is referring to this clip taken from the TV show called Turma da Cultura taped on Wednesday, November 24th, 1999 in Sao Paulo.

  • Rafael,
    This is THE place for Glenn fans. There are some of the most knowledgable music people here you will ever find.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • It would like to thank to everybody!!!! You're the best... I wait to make many friends here....
    David and grace, the video is fantastic!!!
    Obrigado!:thumbup: (thanks in portuguese)

  • Hey Rafael,
    Maybe you can get a video copy of this show,
    when other GH fans from Brazil read this?
    Or maybe the program will be repeated on Brazilian TV?
    Glenn (as usual) gives a great live performance!
    I hope that you'll be able to see the whole program.......

    In any case, you'll have A LOT TO DO,
    to catch up to the present, on this web site :)
    Enjoy the music..........


  • Sorry I'm late with the welcome, Rafael - overlooked the thread! :rolleyes:

    Have fun getting to know all the beautiful people on here. This site will tell and show you everything you need to know about Glenn - from the day he was born, about his parents, when he got married to the lovely Gabi, what he sang with who, where and when ... and sometimes what he did this morning :lol: - hot off the press from David and Shirean ... they do us proud. :bow: David seems to have the knack of answering your questions before you've finished asking them! (how does he report back so fast??)

    And how come everyone can speak and write English so fluently, no matter which country they're from? I can only speak English, and about three words of Latin ... and my Spanish will get me a taxi, even though I wanted an ice cream! :lol:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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