DEEP PURPLE cal jam DVD due in september

  • DEEP PURPLE: 'California Jam' DVD Due In December - Sep. 1, 2005
    According to a posting on the DEEP PURPLE fan site The Highway Star, DEEP PURPLE's "California Jam" DVD is now scheduled for a December 2005 release. It will be issued via EMI worldwide except for USA and Japan, where it come out through Spitfire/Eagle. The DVD will include some bonus material, such as "Lay Down Stay Down", alternate versions of two tracks with different camera angles, interview with Ian Paice and Jon Lord, historical commentary, picture and image gallery, number of audio options, unseen Super 8mm clips from backstage and the control tower, on screen histories, etc.

    DEEP PURPLE's new album, "Rapture of the Deep" is scheduled for release on October 21 via Edel Records.

    DEEP PURPLE spent five weeks at a Los Angeles studio earlier this year recording the follow-up to 2003's "Bananas" with producer Mike Bradford. The album is described by keyboardist Don Airey as "a lot heavier" than "Bananas". "We recorded it in the same studio that use to be used by KORN, and it's got a wonderful sound," Airey said. "It's got a real, immediate drum and organ sound. I was really happy working in there."

    "Rapture of the Deep" will be the group's first release since their split with the EMI label.
  • I just got this last night, and Perehilion at Fry's (Jon Lord's last Purple show that is on DVD) because the prices were so cheap why not? I waited because I already have it on the bootleg tape of the Japanese laser disc and I'm not much into DVD's anyway. I just can't get over how bad the picture is compared to the laser disc bootleg tape I have. And I knew it would be because I already read it here and elsewhere. It's great to have the extra song, and other extras which I haven't got to yet, but I just can't believe they couldn't get the picture as good as that bootleg tape I have of the laser disc. It's like somebody taped two generations off the bootleg I have. That bootleg seems like it was a concert recorded yesterday, but this seems like it really was 33 years ago or more like it is. Another GH DVD disappointment. Darnit!


  • So... we shall wait for Blue-Ray remaster. They'll have to take care about it someday.
    Awesome show, anyway

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