Maiden VS. Osbourne

  • Doe's anyone have comments on the new rivalry between the two?
    Doe's Ozzy know what's going on between his boss and Maiden?:confused:

  • What Sharon did is absolute bullshite,,,,she screwed the fans,,,that aint cool....I am going to OzzFest today cant wait to see the Sabs...and I really doubt Ozzy knew about the egg incident before hand,at least I hope not.....

  • Well it's a PR stunt and I'm not sure Sharon needs this kind of publicity. She co hosts a Pop Idol thing here in the UK and does all that conflict stuff on there. It's fine if she's happy with that, but it alienates the people who buy the goods.

    I like to play PR down the line. Most fans want to read about the gigs and the records. I can't say it makes me any richer or more employable but at least I get to sleep nights.

  • read about it on -man,thats all messed up!!!! just remember she is don arden"s daughter -thats were that kind of behavior comes from

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