Sanctuary on it's last legs??

  • Interesting read, Thanks for the link!
    I heard from inside the industry that Sanctuary are going through hard times, but also that it's not too serious YET.


  • We can only hope that it is not too serious, otherwise Glenn and many other musicians without "big name" record contracts would be relegated even further to the back.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • CMC Records appeared to be pretty strong a while back, too, but they were absorbed into Sanctuary. There are a ton of great artists - from very diverse areas of music - on Sanctuary. I'd hate for the label's lavish spending habits on behalf of those artists to end up being the reason that the company buckles and capsizes. Where would some of those artists like Glenn Hughes, Gary Moore, Styx, etc end up?


  • Not the best news, no, but I wouldn't worry for Glenn; his profile has risen considerably in recent years, and while it'd be nice to see him with an ongoing deal from a major label, (especially here in the U.S.), I'm sure he'd have no difficulty licensing and distributing his albums through labels like Frontiers, MTM, and Pony Canyon, just as he's been doing for the last several years.


  • I should have phrased that differently. What I meant is that it would be unfortunate to see such a prominent outlet for many of those bands disappear here in the States. Frontier and Pony Canyon don't have a presence here in the US. Sanctuary has the States pretty well covered, and I would hate to see some artists relegated to "import" status again if the label folds.

    I'd hate to see them all flipping through their rolodexes looking for phone numbers for Shrapnel Records, Metal Blade or CD Baby...


  • i've been meaning to post some articles on the downfall of Sanctuary for the past few weeks. It has been in trouble for 12 months and is regularly in the financial pages here. The Daily Telegraph has done some interesting in depth reports and it would seem Elton John and several other artists have done very well out of some deals while the company itself hasnt.

  • Well they are still hanging in there. They have a lot of heritage artists and i think they have some new leadership which might help.

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