• Hi all,

    i couldn't keep this from you...

    Last night i was watching a dutch tv show "je leven in de steiger'
    (a sort of son of dr Phill show).
    and guess what happened.... they showed some workers working in a house and during that footage (and during the entire show) they played snippets from ORION

    I thought it was great :)
    because 'normally' they only play snippets from known songs......


  • Ah... Glenn's music on TV... The thread title had me wondering.

    Come to think of it... has Glenn ever been on TV other than a Japanese show or two? Oh yea, one on Swiss TV and a Brazilian MTV show/performance. Has Glenn ever been on a talk show? We need to get him and Chad on David Letterman -some how!

  • I remember Glenn guesting on Music quiz show in Japan.

    A quiz was about what mistake was on DP single's cover.
    The answer was that it was printed right hand side left (mirror) :lol:

    Also Glenn sang "Burn" and "Holy Man" with a house band.
    He looked quite TV person on the show (good job)

    I think some here must have seen this copy. I recall Grace was talking about Japanese singer who sang with Glenn.

    Oh I wish to see him on Japanese TV with Chad or Tony!!

  • Here's "Holy Man" from that particular Japanese TV broadcast in 1995...


    Glenn Hughes(JAPANESE TV) 1995 "HOLY MAN"[/ame]

  • This is great, Thanks for posting it here, David!
    Killer-version of Holy Man - and I LOVE THOSE JAPANESE QUIZ SHOWS! (even if I can't understand most of it, some of it makes sense! :D)




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