Benefit concert appearance

  • Haven't got confirmation yet, but it looks like both GLENN and CHAD will be appearing at a benefit concert in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, September 10th, 2005.

    More info available at ZROCK.

  • What a great line-up for this benefit concert! ! ! !

    Everybody "benefits."

    Best wishes for a complete recovery, Lissa. :thumbup:

    And the people of Phoenix will benefit from this great line-up, too.




  • Of course I will have the 'sheer luck" :mad: of having left Phoenix on the 8th for home...timing is everything, and mine is just not the best!!

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Sounds interesting. Why is Jimmy Degrasso "Ex-Megadeth" and Glenn "Deep Purple"? Somebody didn't do his homework. Glenn played in Deep Purple almost thirty years ago.


    - Fedor

  • Quote from Fedor

    Why is Glenn "Deep Purple"? Glenn played in Deep Purple almost thirty years ago.

    After finally giving up all hope of ever having his
    name correctly spelled in publications and posters,
    and to avoid all future aggravation,
    GH will go to court and legally become:

    Glen Formerly Of Deep Purple Hugs.

    Go figure :huh:

  • Its wishful thinking by DP fans. Ditch Gillan and Glover and bring in Glenn to replace both. They certainly need a songwriter in there. Ian Paice's comments on their new Rapture album leave me worrying it will be as bad as Bananas.

  • Quote from Chip

    I think they mis-spelled Glenn's name just to bother Grace. which they have totally succeeded.

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

  • Quote from chrisloeb

    never heard of King Crimsen !!??

    There seems to be a problem with spelling here in Arizona. Must be the heat. :)


  • Well damn....I was just thinking of inviting JJ if he's still in town out to my gig as I'm playing not too far from Glenn's in Long Beach. Have fun guys.


  • I went to see the Benefit Concert in Phoenix last night, and REALLY loved Ed Roth on keyboards, talked to him and got his autograph. Whew!!

    Can ANYONE tell me ANYTHING about him????

  • Pleased you enjoyed the show last night......welcome aboard too :thumbup:

    Ed Roth is a busy session man who also finds time to work in bands such as Impellerati and Graham Bonnet. He's played with GLENN in various forms over the years, first in a live environment, as part of Marc Bonilla's DragonChoir in 1998 when they played a few shows in California with Keith Emerson (ELP). You'll also find him on a couple of GLENN's solo outings such as Soul Mover, Songs In The Key Of Rock and the DVD/CD release, Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels. He also appeared on the last HTP (Hughes Turner Project) record, HTP II. He's GLENN's preferred keyboard player when playing live shows in the USA.

    He also plays many, many sessions both live and in the studio with a myriad of artists, from rap to rock! As far as I'm aware, his latest released outing is with Jeff Kollman Band's newest CD, Bleeding The Soul.

    I'm sure I've left quite a bit out & that there's someone better qualified than I to be able to fill things out for you :)

    You can find pix of Ed all over the site, both in the Live Pictures & Tour Dates and CTC Features sections :cool:

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