"the shell song"

  • i was driving to a friends house last weekend with my wife and 4 year old son. i had on the STEALTH cd-i bought it ,wanted to hear it through at least once and i have to tell you guys that i like gavin rossdales song- about half way through the cd i heard my son vito from the back seat tell me "daddy put on the shell song" i didnt know what he was talking about . my wife told me that he probably wanted the other cd i was always playing in the car . then it dawned on the that he wanted to hear DEEP INSIDE A SHELL from the FUSED cd . i put it on and asked him if this was the song he said " yeah this song is cool" i couldnt believe it. this was my first experience with something like this- i hope im giving him a good introduction to good musicians - now i have to ask you guys -have any of you had a similiar experience with your children? i would like to hear about it . im still in shock about it myself

  • Mine is more of a "misheard lyrics" story. When listening to "Change", my daughter asked me "Why is he singing about cake?" :lol: But she does recognize Glenn's voice and really likes "Wherever You Go".

    I have to admit, though, that she has always had a thing for Sammy Hagar and that is who we end up listening to if I give her the choice. In my opinion, not a bad choice either.

  • thats a good one "cake" your right the first song he asked to hear was glenn singing -not bad

  • That's a great story, tony g......
    "Daddy, put on the shell song." :)

    Yep, sounds to me as if the kid has class,
    and a definite "ear" for the good stuff. (GH)
    And "The Cake Song" is a good choice, too!

    I hope that you've read both pages of the thread at:

    "Now I know I'm doing well as a parent!"

    Looks like Glenn needs to compile a:


  • James, like the quote from drummer's dad,

    over at GH. com

    "Winning back the music business, one kid at a time." :)

    (Or something like that.)

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