• report; drumclinic Kenny 09-08-2005 : ittervoort - Holland

    Kenny started with; 'what are you living for' COOL!!!!!
    the audience (mostly drummers) got blown away right away.

    Man can that guy play :thumbup: :thumbup:
    Kenny is mister cool himself, entertaining with his drumming and just by being his funny self.

    He played; I go insane,
    which got the most applause of the evening (eventhough i guess most of the people don't know it and it is a 'difficult' song when you hear it first.

    Some of the songs he played
    (cant rember some titels)
    Alanis Morisette
    Avril Lavine (or something like that ;)
    John fogerty (out on the bayo)
    John Mellencamp (paper in fire , and that briljant ballad)
    John bon Jovi (drumbreak, blaze of glory)
    Alice cooper (never knew he done such 'difficult' music) :)
    Fish (no not the singer but a heavy Lenny Kravitz kinda song REAL GOOD :cool:
    He finnished of with a big band song which was amazing

    Later he signed some autographs
    i had my FUSED booklet with me
    Kennys reaction
    :eek: WOW, you've got it!!!! :eek:
    he hoped they would come to europe with the fused tour

    So i had a great evening

    cheers Hiawatha72

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