Glenn Stateside USA

  • When he does, (can't wait) we'll be there!

    There's alot of buzz over here, but I can safely say my ears have been blessed for a long time by him!

  • Truth be told, we were hoping to see Glenn at the Tommy Bolin Festival (2005) this year. Well, we're not having one this year.

    The Bolin Fests revolve around Glenn and I myself really appreciate the time he's given us. (I'm just a huge fan, not a promoter or merchant). Glenn, I know I speak for everyone.

    The new record is going to be a huge success in the US too; keep us informed and don't let anyone drop the ball when it comes to promotion over here.

    From what I read you may not be that interesed in touring the US, and that's cool - definately understand that - but how are we going to see YOU now?

    Come see us again sometime!


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