FUSED Iommi TV Promo Interviews

  • Here are two recent interviews from USA cable TV shows featuring Tony Iommi and also Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath. Both were promoting their new solo albums - and of course, Fused, being Tony's includes GLENN on vocals & bass, along with Kenny Aronoff on drums :)

    The first segment is from MTV-2 and The Headbangers Ball and the second from Fuse.TV and Metal Asylum. In both cases, GLENN gets a good mention when talking about Fused, in addition to his name being splashed all over the screen when the CD artwork is displayed several times :thumbup:

    Enjoy :cool:

  • David, did you notice how the interviewer kept trying to steer Tony towards the bands that they play on their station ? Tony seemed to just want to talk about the album and Glenn and Kenny, but the TV inteviewer wanted to get plugs in for those bands on Stage 1 at Ozzfest.

    Thought Tony was a good interview though, and this was much better than the MTV-2 debacle. Also good to hear that they plan a tour after taking "a few weeks off after Ozzfest" :bouncer::bouncer::bouncer:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Right On :lol: Thanks for posting those. Fused is definetely gonna start selling more copies now with all these TV appearances, and Tony signing them at Ozzfest.

  • Thanks for those, doubt I would of seen them over here. Sounds like after Ozzfest things are going to heat up and even better to hear we can expect another one with the same lineup sometime later :thumbup:

    Waiting patiently :)

  • Was surprised to see Iommi/Butler on VH-1 Classic (US) Saturday night doing "Hanging With". The interviewing was done by Eddie Trunk and Fused was plastered all over the place. The interview was much more relaxed and detailed than anything else Iommi has done recently. There ws also definative mention of an Iommi/Hughes Tour in the Fall following Ozzfest.

    Another note from that show...Sammy Hagar will be doing a Fall US Tour with the Wabos, but, the real news is, the shows will also include the Original Montrose including Sammy.
    Could be a heckuva Fall.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Here is the VH-1 Classic interview taken from the show Hanging With... featuring Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. Both were on to promote their individual solo albums as well as to talk about Black Sabbath, Ozzfest etc. The show is hosted by Eddie Trunk.

    I've just included the relevant bits where they talk about their solo albums, which in Tony's case is of course, Fused, featuring GLENN on vocals & bass with Kenny Aronoff on drums :cool:


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