How good is "Fused"?

  • How good is Fused? 48

    1. Mindblowing - great stuff (39) 81%
    2. Mediocre - a bit generic (9) 19%
    3. Not worth the hype - weak (0) 0%

    As Chris mentioned, there's a splinter faction of people not impressed with Fused, and a bunch of Fused fanatics. I'm just wondering what kind of numbers we're talking about. How good do those who've heard it think it is?


  • James I'm in the "impressed" camp. The expression I used on the other site was that it revolves on its own axis. History and comparisons are interesting. I'm the world's worst for rambling on about the past. But as a piece of classic rock, it makes great waves.

    Dopamine, Saviour of the Real and I Go Insane are my personal faves but the album has depth and I'm quietly confident we will get another splinter group who admit that the album has grown on them.

    We like our man to do this and do that e.g. do another Feel or Addiction or whatever but the fact is that this vocal performance on THIS album combined with the riffs from the dark one combine like a yin and yan. Two complimentary energies with huge potential live and in the studio.

    I do think the album is certainly meaty enough to attract a whole new audience for Glenn across the world and let's face it - It's what you and I and many other regulars have banged on about for a few years here. I do appreciate your own views though and understand that it might not appeal to all funksters across the planet. But then again it might do the back catalogue or Soul Mover any harm. That way more people will be able to find out about Glenn's music.

    But yep I'm sticking with a "yes" vote. My PC speakers are complaining about it I have to say :)

  • I think it is a great modern hard rock cd. It sounds fresh and doesn't have a bad song on it. I wouldn't say "mindblowing", but still I am very happy with it. I do have to say, though, that two of the bonus tracks, "The Innocence" and "Let It Down Easy", are better than just about every song on the cd. "Slip Away" is pretty good, but would be one of the weaker album tracks (though there are no weak tracks).

    I'm generally a fan of the funkier Hughes stuff, but I have to admit that I like "Fused" and both HTP cds as much as Glenn's recent solo cds. But unlike HTP, which does sound a tad dated in musical style, much of "Fused" wouldn't sound out of place on 2005 U.S. radio at all. Actually, I think "The Innocence" would have been my choice as first single, but what do I know? "Dopamine" was good choice, too.

    Bottom line, I would say that "Fused" (with the bonus tracks included) will be my surprise favorite cd of the year.

  • I hate "blanket statements" James,
    unless the topic in question is blankets.......

    But it really seems to me that people who prefer 'da funk,
    (generally) don't care for "Fused" too much.

    People who want........all-Glenn-all-rock-all-the-time,
    seem to "go insane" about "Fused."

    Or am I reading the posted reviews, here and at wrong?


  • Quote from David

    Well, I'll take it all thank you - rock, funk, soul, phone book, whatever........

    You know, David, normally I would totally agree with you.
    But after the recent news of the Pink Floyd Live 8 reunion,
    and the news that Willie Nelson has just come out with a
    reggae album, I'm starting to get nervous.......

    If Glenn comes out with a yodeling album,
    GHCPs are gonna' AX MURDER ME :(

  • Its f&^%$*)g GREAT!!!!!

    A different side of him, but impressed me quite a bit.I LOVE what he does with the vocals......

    I would have to say at least 8 out of 10 songs have touched my soul.....

    Love Ya GH

  • My fave number on Fused has got to be Saviour of the Real. Glenn's incredible scream at the 3 minute 45 mark is beyond this world.

    So yes I very very happy with this release. But heck since
    :mad: Addiction :mad: is my fave GH solo album :)

  • Hi,
    hmmm sometimes it is hard to be honest...but I try.
    Usually - I mean that is 97 times out 100 - I love everything that Glenn has done...but now I must say that I'm not 100% behind this album. Well, I am when it comes to promotion etc. but I don't love every second of it, like I do love for example CTTB or 7th Star, even Dep Sessions. ...and believe me, I've been listening those songs a LOT! I have all of them even in my mobile phone...:)

    Fused is really heavy - I like that for a change, Iommi plays a lot and Glenn sings even more...and I think that might be the problem. I quess he is singing too much. Now you ask, how on Earth that is possible???? But it is. I think that some of those songs would be better, with little more keyboards and less vocals. Now the album is vocally almost full throttle all the time, there are lots of big choruses and melodies, but none of them have stuck to my mind like No Starnger To Love or Heart like A Wheel for example. Where are my goose bumps? :) I want my goose bumps! :) :) :) :)

    Somehow I can't understand this current power trio thinking. Only 3 musicians - that might sound powerful in studio - and be fun. But it is limiting their possibilities musically. Of course there are many dubbed guitars and vocals...but "whole" band could have made sonically even richer album. I don't know how good musician Bob Marlette is, but he isn't Geoff Nicholls or Don Airey. Those 2 know how to make Iommi sound the best.

    ...anyway I gave Fused only 3,5/5 in my review. I think 4 would have been too much and 3 would have been an insult...:)



  • I hope you're not comparing Geoff Nicholls to Don Airey, because there's no comparison - Don Airey walks all over Nicholls. And don't forget Rick Wakeman's contributions on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!

    Strange to think that Geoff Nicholls has actually spent more time with Black Sabbath than Ozzy ever did, eh? :lol:


  • Geoff was there, but most of the time unseen.

    I believe Tony will bring along a keyboardist to fill
    the holes in a live setting.

    It will be interesting to see who will get the gig?

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • I'm 99% sure that Adam Wakeman will get the job - just like with Sabbath.

    a) Iommi and Adam's father Rick go back a long time

    b) he's an excellent player - check out his cv and you'll find: Black Sabbath, Travis, Annie Lennox, S Club 7, Atomic Kitten, Lisa Stansfield and many more on the list...

  • Having had strong leanings toward heavier rock in the past, this album was like an all out E-ticket ride for me. Took a long time just to get past listening to "Dopamine" and "Wasted Again". The whole vibe of "What You're Living For" struck such a chord within!Love it. To me, Fused kind of unfolded in layers, the result being all the songs stand very well on their own :thumbup:

  • Had to chime in on this one once again, now that it popped back up....thanks trapezoid!

    Lots going on in my life that have pulled me away from music for a while...but...digging this disc out again just blew me away...some know that I prefer the heavier Glenn, and this disc with Tony Iommi is just Glenn perfection for me...

    I just love to go to The Innocence and listen to the end (from 3:40 on?)...Glenn just goes absolutely nuts for the last's brutal...and I can never get enough... :claphands

    Ok, I'll go crawl back in my hole now...

  • Fused is one of my faves also:thumbup: . I love all of Glenn's sides.:bow:

    I never want to see him put in one box or painted in

    one corner of musical style. As long as it's never country

    or Rap:eek: I will follow the man on his ever wonderous journey.

    It's like Xmas with each release. You never know what kind of

    of gift will be in the box, but you know it will be good.:D


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