• i'd much rather have seen Hughes/Iommi tour than Heaven and Hell but thats the way it goes :( :mad:

    What is really annoying is that it is another side project of Glenn's where we only get a studio album and no chance to hear the songs live. I'd love it if he dropped in even one song from this into a solo set.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • maybe one day they will do another cd and get some tour backing wolfy- you never know

  • Just got my tickets for the BB King's show. I am EXCITED! Last saw GH at the Birch Hill in March 2001, which remains one of my very favorite gigs ever!

    This solo show is much more to my liking than a tour with Tony Iommi. Just my opinion and, before anyone threatens me with physical violence (LOL), please remember that I was never a big Sabbath fan to begin with. So the lure of that collaboration is lost on me. BUT...if a collaboration were to happen with anyone, I would like to see Glenn and ol' DC sing together one last time. Or Pat Thrall. The teaming up with Jimmy Barnes is an interesting idea, too. And with Ken Hensley! Now that's a dream come true as Ken's been my favorite musician since I was 12!

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