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    now seriously - people often used to come to the CD store with reviews from (the german version of) Playboy Magazine, because they often had excellent reviews.





  • Thanks for defending me Christian, I appreciate it :D

    Yes James, I'm going to stick with my original story. Otherwise, it would make me look bad :D



  • I'm sorry Chip... I'm not going to defend you- there is not one snitch of information in that little write up you did not already know.... I too, only buy Penthouse for the pictures!

    Just Kiddin' :D



    Metal legend plans to tour in support of Fused.

    Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has no problem organizing his priorities. So when Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne called him early this year and told him they wanted Black Sabbath to headline the 2005 Ozzfest, he postponed plans to tour with his own band, Iommi, in order to head back to the stage with Sabbath.

    However, by committing so resolutely to Sabbath, Iommi has been unable to support the recent release of his second solo album, Fused, a granite-solid slab that sounds more like a groove-saturated cross between Deep Purple and Audioslave than anything by Sabbath.

    Fittingly enough, Iommi was joined on the record by ex-Deep Purple singer/bassist Glenn Hughes (who sang with Sabbath in the '80s), session drummer extraordinaire Kenny Aronoff and bassist/keyboardist Bob Marlette, who also produced the disc and co-wrote all of the songs. Now that Ozzfest is done, Iommi and his bandmates plan to hit the rehearsal studio, then tour to support Fused.

    "I'm really looking forward to playing onstage with these guys," Iommi said on a down day from Ozzfest. "Kenny and Glenn have lots of enthusiasm and they certainly push me when we're all playing together, which is great."

    Incidentally, if you had asked Iommi two years ago what he hoped to be doing in 2005, he'd have said he wanted to be promoting a new Black Sabbath album, not a new Iommi disc. At the time, Sabbath were in the studio in Wales working on new material. But progress was slow, and by the time the bandmembers went their separate ways, they had ideas for about only six songs - ideas that have been gathering dust since then. At present, Black Sabbath have no plans to return to the studio to record those or any other songs.

    "I've waited around a long time to do a Sabbath album, and it's getting frustrating," Iommi said. "I'm getting bored with the idea of waiting around any longer and I've got a lot of music to put out and I just want to do it. I wanted to go and really work on being in a band. So basically, that motivated me into making an album with Glenn and Kenny. It's a great band and a great outlet."

    Iommi and Marlette started writing songs for Fused more than a year ago at Iommi's studio in Warwickshire, England. Then, when Hughes and the guitarist got together to finish up the nearly decade-old recordings that were released last year on The DEP Sessions: 1996, the onetime Sabbath bandmates decided to pen some new tunes as well. "I just played Glenn some riffs and we started making things up right away," Iommi recalled. "It was amazing - I'd come up with a part and by the time it was ready, he'd have two or three different melodies for it. Then I played him a couple of the tracks I did with Bob and he really liked them, so we worked with those, too."

    Next, Iommi and Hughes called in Aronoff and Marlette and recorded Fused in about six weeks late last winter, mostly at studios in Wales and London. Instead of laying down the guitar, bass and keyboard tracks separately and then doing overdubs and vocals, the musicians rehearsed the songs thoroughly, then recorded them with everyone playing at the same time.

    "We wanted it to have the same feel as a band playing live," Iommi said. "It all fell into place very quickly, almost too quickly. It was so simple. I'd love to do another album with these guys because they're all so good to work with. With Black Sabbath, we take a really long time over rehearsals and pulling ideas together. And we tend to rehearse for two or three hours and then that's it. But with Glenn and Kenny, we'll be in there playing for a full six hours and we'll want to keep going."

    Even though he's eager to start touring for Fused, Iommi said it was no sacrifice to postpone those plans for Ozzfest. Ozzy recently announced that this summer was the last Ozzfest he will headline, although he may play occasional shows in the future (see "Ozzy Retires As Ozzfest Headliner: 'It's Time For Me To Move On' "). "We really get into it," he said. "I go for walks with [drummer] Bill [Ward] and we talk about the band and the shows and our lives. It's a good vibe. The only unfortunate thing is when we have to cancel shows, which is really disappointing. Ozzy's had a problem with his throat recently. He had to fly back to see a specialist in Los Angeles and he was as upset as anybody. But it's one of things you can't do anything about. If his voice goes, it goes. What can you do?"


  • Here's an article I discovered recently when I sat through the support act of Arena in the foyer of Planet Music (the same venue HTP have played two times here in Vienna) in their own planet.tt magazine, May 2005 edition. It's in German, so I have included a rough translation. It won't go down into the archives as a legendary article, basically the interview questions are plain stupid, but it's good to see Glenn mentioned.

    Fused & The Queen

    On June 20th he is going to play Vienna Stadthalle with Black Sabbath. Only a month later (July 11th) his latest Solo-Album "Fused" (Sanctuary) will be released, again with Glenn Hughes on lead vocals. "And he's singing better than ever", Iommi says in the interview. On the other hand, Kenny Aronoff, a legend in his own right his roots in commercial and radio-orientated fields, is a first-timer in Metal. "He wanted it that way" says Iommi, not very talkative as it seems. Also when asked about his status as a legend and an icon for thousands of guitarists who put him into musical heaven next to other guitar-gods he only nods friendly "Yes I Know". Only when asked about his recent meeting with The Queen (of England that is) the dark master is showing a little sign of emotion, a small laugh, more a giggle included: "Yeah. Suddenly people that would never have given a **** are looking up to us. Quite funny..."


  • Such a shame this hasn't come about yet ;) Here's an audio interview with Iommi talking about looking forward to going out on the road with Glenn back in 2005 :cool: :(

  • thanls for this paul - i thought if glenn sang any sabbath songs they would pick something after ozzy left- this was a bitter disapointment for me when this tour didnt happen and i have to say that if glenn had toured with iommi it would have helped him big time in the usa

  • Y'know, I've recently revisited this album to try and like it but I still can't get into it. I can always find something to like on every Glenn-related release (and I love both Seventh Star and the Iommi-Hughes Dep Sessions) but this CD just left me cold from the day of release. GH's albums released in the wake of this, Soul Mover and Music for the Divine are so much more satisyfing. I don't want to be mean but I'm glad this tour never took place. We have so much great new music instead and, maybe just maybe, we might get a full SOLO US tour out of it all...


  • I liked parts of Fused but would have to say I never loved it or played it much so I'm in your boat. Too much mid tempo riffs that all start to blend in together.


  • for some reason this cd has the strongest responce from people i have seen from a glenn recording- i can understand if people dont like it -if you dont like it you dont like it- but to say your glad glenn didnt tour?-i cant understand that reaction at all :confused:

  • WOW, equinox91 and John H,
    I'm really surprised by your comments about "Fused."
    WAAAAAAAY back in 2000, when I first discovered GH.com
    my first post was a comment on how some people like
    the soulful-funk side of Glenn; others prefer solid rock.

    I can't figure out how you don't think that Glenn singing
    "I Go Insane" sounds like anything else (for example)
    that he's ever done before. That song is in a class by itself.
    Luckily, our boy is also called "The Voice of Smorgasbord"
    so there's always something from Column B, if you don't
    like what's in Column A.

    One more thing about "Fused"...........
    We all know that GH gives 100% towards his solo albums.
    The same as holds true with his live performances.
    But when Glenn walked into the recording studio for "Fused"
    he had something EXTRA to prove.......

    I first saw Glenn live, at Birch Hill, in Jersey, in March, 2001.
    And in between songs he kept talking about "16 years."
    I had no clue what he was talking about, and I think that
    most of the audience was in the same boat as I was.
    LATER ON, I figured out that it was IMPORTANT TO HIM,
    that he perform in Jersey to make up for the Meadowlands
    show with Sabbath.....which to be kind....had been a disaster.

    So........when Glenn did the vocals on "Fused", every note
    had something extra - a little bit more emotion - (for want
    of a better phrase) to "redeem his reputation."

    Even if I weren't a GHCP fan of rock, I can tell that "Fused"
    as an album, has a little bit more of an industrial-strength
    power, pizazz, or fireworks, than anything else he's ever done.

    And because I am a wonderful person, perfect in every way :lips: :rose: :heart:
    I WILL NOT be forced to kill you, for not naming any CD with
    a track on it named "Grace" as your favorite GH album of all time :axe:

    PS........:) Grace


  • Fused ... worth it's weight in gold :bow: :bow: :bow:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Grace,
    I was at the show at Vodoo Lounge March 25, 2001 it was for me 15 years to the date, That I saw my hero go down in flames! After that concert the everything I read about Glenn was bad.

    That night in queens even though he only played a few songs I was Hooked!!
    Fused, Kills Me!
    See You In NY!!!


  • I was at the show at Vodoo Lounge March 25, 2001 it was for me
    15 years to the date, That I saw my hero go down in flames!

    That night in queens even though he only played a few songs.......

    Trust me Scott, Birch Hill was a fire trap waiting to happen, too.
    But it didn't close down as soon as the Voodoo Lounge did.
    Both of these places were terrible locations.
    Glenn should have ax murdered the booking agent.
    Vinny :hi5: (Vinnis1) went to both the NJ and the NY shows; I only went
    to the Jersey show where GH talked about the Meadowlands show.

    Don't wear any socks to BB King's, cause they're gonna' get blown off.
    Unfortunately, when Glenn starts singing in June, we GHCPs won't be able
    to do anything ahead of time about our brains..........they're gonna' fall out.
    Trust me on this one, too.



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