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  • You've heard about the previously announced bonus tracks for the Fused release - Let It Down Easy (featured on the Japanese release - July 21st) and The Innocence which will be available via iTunes (July 12th).

    We were waiting on news of the 3rd and final bonus track....and here it is.....

    It's now confirmed that Slip Away, will be available as a bonus track download as part of a link up with magazine, Rolling Stone and real.com.

    Rolling Stone’s Fused section:

    real.com’s Tony Iommi section:

    Feature placement for Fused will begin when the album is released in the USA on July 12th, and the exclusive version of the album, including Slip Away, will not be available until then.

    The good news for UK fans is that this track will also be available as a bonus track for fans purchasing Fused from Napster. The details are still being finalized, so a link will be forthcoming.

  • Im really looking forward in hearing these bonus tracks. What a killer album!!

    Hopefully these bonus-tracks will be available on cd format or something. Probably with the Iommi remaster editions in 2015. :D

    Thanks for this great info, David!

  • Let It Down Easy, the bonus track for the Japanese market, will also be available as a bonus download for anyone purchasing advanced copies of Fused via Tower Records website in the USA.

    Tower are also running a limited edition offer to get a signed copy (Tony Iommi) of the album via their website:


    Stocks are very limited, but there are still some signed copies available...don't leave it too late to order if you want to get one!

  • you guys you guys tower already sent me the song its a regular download (it went straight to my musicmatch) im going to the bar right now im gonna see if they will play it (great rock and roll song :clapper: :singer: )

  • Thanks for the link. Looks like I'll be buying another copy, especially after Shirean's reaction :lol: It's certainly a cheaper option than forking out for the Japanese release!

  • I just took David's advice and ordered Fused through Tower Records and got the link to the bonus mp3 emailed to me within a couple hours. "Let It Down Easy" is a great song - easily one of the best on the cd. I am often disappointed in the Japanese bonus tracks on Glenn's cds, but not this one. It is much more of a straightforward rocker than the rest of Fused - catchy, great beat, great vocals. It really grooves. Actually, it sounds much more like a Hughes tunes than an Iommi tune (like the rest of Fused), though the heavy Iommi guitars are obvious.

    I highly recommend getting a hold of this bonus track one way or another! I can't wait to get the rest of the cd - I ordered the Stealth soundtrack as well to get the Hughes/Smith "Nights in White Satin" cover.

  • Having only heard the samples on this website; is it only me or does The Innocence and Let it Down Easy sound killer? Too bad they didn't include them on the proper release.


  • Have to agree with you 100% Daniel - two completely different songs - I think I like The Innocence slightly more than the other, whereas Shirean really digs Let It Down Easy :cool:

    Just added a sample of Slip Away to the Fused page....it's good, but more your typical Bonus Track, I'd say - although it's heavy as hell in places :)

  • Ok, let me start by saying that so far the only thing that has really grabbed me from Fused are the bonus tracks. I really like Slip Away and The Innocence, (they're a bit different from the rest of the material on the album, which may be why they weren't included), but I have yet to hear the Japanese bonus track myself.

    Does anybody have that track and not have the others mentioned above? If so, is anyone interested in a trade? :rolleyes:


  • i only have listened ti the innocence downloaded from i-tunes.
    Excellent song!
    But impossible for me to download Sleep away and Let it down easy.
    Is there somebody on this forum to send me these songs ?
    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Hi all,
    I would love to get the 3 Fused Bonus Tracks. I have tried to download from both iTunes and The Rolling Stones site and have had a lot of problems. 1. iTunes is only available in the US. 2. The Rolling Stone site is only available to PC users and I'm on a MAC and 3. The Japanese version of Fused is too expensive for me to get. So I have a proposition, whoever can get me these tracks on CD will get Session Man 9&10 FREE. When I get these tracks the new collection will be complete and it's shaping up to be as good a collection of songs as Session Man 1&2.

    Hoping for some help


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