Graham Bonnet

  • Hmm, don't know who half the band members are - when was that clip recorded?

    Bonnet rocks, although his voice is an acquired taste for some.


  • Wow its nice to see Graham Bonnet doing a live gig. Too bad the venue seems ...well....empty.

    Still I like Graham's voice a lot. Last week I listened to his Rainbow album DOWN TO EARTH which is imo a great, great album. My least favorite number is ofcourse...since you've been gone lol

    Thanks for posting this clip!

  • That appeared to be a bit of an "off" night, or at least an "off" performance of that song. I've seen Graham a couple times at that same venue - Paladino's in LA - with our very own Satan leading the band, and Bonnet's performance was really great. The guy's still a remarkable vocalist; that's quite a feat considering his singing style and the fact that he's looking down the barrel of 60.


  • If it was the "off" night last year it was because Bonnet had the flu. But still, he was still just about hitting the high high notes...not quite there but just about. It was a pretty amazing performance considering he should have been home in bed. I also enjoyed a nice chat with him before the gig, and he didn't even seem sick during that! Great guy.


  • I'm only in my low 30's, so I'm entitled. But while we're pointing out peculiar foibles, you might want to cut down on your use of the word "dude" - it's not as becoming when it's spoken by someone who actually is pushing .


  • Dude is a term that can be used by us Southern California residents. I do realize it might be a bit confusing when us young whippersnappers use the word and I do apologize to all you bluehairs residing in Las Vegas. I am also in my 30's and not "pushing 40" as you so eloquently stated...alongside your red dancing dildo.

  • I suppose it's ok to use "dude" a lot if your name is Bill S. Preston, Esq., Ted "Theodore" Logan, Wayne or Garth...but beyond that it's a stretch. Besides, you're from Buffalo.


  • The way you two mess with each just HAVE to be long lost brothers!!

    Las Vegas bluehairs?? LA whippersnappers?? And let's not forget the dancing Hebrew National hot dog!!;)

    And Todd.....the "low thirties??" fess up now!!:D

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Sounds like a couple of sports teams, doesn't it? The Las Vegas Bluehairs vs. the LA Whippersnappers? Except it should be the Las Vegas No-hairs vs. the LA Lipflappers. LOL And yes Bill, I am only 34. Barely over a third of a century old. A mere three and a half (almost) decades. The proverbial babe in swaddling clothes.
    Satan, on the other hand...


  • funny how I am a little less than a year older than him, but other people here on the board (and other places) think he ages ahead of me. He's like 34 going on 85. That poor wife of his...carting him around in that wheelchair...

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