Pat Thrall help needed

  • Hi there,

    I just got the LP NEW DAY by Pat Thrall's first band COOKIN' MAMA.

    However, it is the 1980 re-issue on Piccadilly records and the album sleeve gives me no information whatsoever on who is in the band.

    The 1972 release on Rock Bottom Records is a bit expensive for my taste ($ 80 - 120 on e-bay)


    Thank Y O U!

  • Hoi Ad!

    All I know is that it features Pat's brother Preston Thrall on drums.


    - Fedor

    Cookin’ Mama

    TITLE:New Day

    LABEL:Rock Bottom Stereo CFS-3007

    YEAR:late 60’s/early 70’s

    Record: NM
    Cover: VG+ w/ some edge wear, most notable upper left corner is a little frayed.

    MISCELLANEOUS:Whoa! ...can you say SUPER RARE PSYCHEDELIC ROCK LP with some SERIOUS SAMPLES and BEATS?!?!'s in ORIGINAL SHRINKWRAP!! AMAZING PSYCH and ROCK...this is a RARE LP from BAY AREA, CA!!! With killer lyrics, and a beautiful voice, and SOME SERIOUS HARD GROOVES, with SICK GUITAR FUZZ, you can't go wrong!!!, it's hard not to love this album, as it is pretty much great PSYCH and ROCK to sit back and have your MIND BLOWN or to GET WILD TO!!! Yes, that's right, AMAZING VOCALS, and songs that are REALLY GOOD! AMAZING LYRICS, and MUSIC!?! Plus this one has TONS of SAMPLES for you deejays and producers!! Great breakbeatrare for those in the know. Band includes Tommy Thompson who later joined the Gregg Allman Band. Pat Thrall who performed with Meatloaf, Pat Travers & Asia to name a few. Jesse Harms who went to REO Speedwagon. Songs: NEW DAY, JUST TO PASS THE DAY, DICE OF LIFE, OUT THE DORR, I DONT FEAR NO EVIL, FEELIN' GOOD, WHAT WILL YOU DO, LITTLE CHILDREN

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Sherry Fox was also one of the members of the band, but I have yet to find the others. Maybe we can get these in drips and drabs :huh:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Tommy Thompson was the keyboardist for Cookin' Mama. He also has played for Greg Allman's touring band, and is currently in a band called the Alameda All-Stars.

    Will ask a couple of friends of mine that know these guys about the rest of the members.

    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

  • Don't know it it's too late, but according to Lost-In-Tyme website, the line up of Cookin' Mama on this album was...

    Sherry Fox : vocals
    Paul Hann : saxophone, percussion, vocals
    Jesse Harms : piano, organ, congas, vocals
    Vince Palazzotto : drums, percussion
    Lou Sarrica : bass
    Kevin Smith : vocals, percussion
    Tom Thompson : guitar, organ, bass, percussion, vocals
    Pat Thrall : guitar, percussion, vocals
    Preston Thrall : percussion
    Paul Trousdale : saxophone, flute

  • on somewhat of a different note, i remember working in my first record store between 1982 and 1989. i remember the hughes/thrall record comming out and i was trying to turn an older hippy friend of mine on to it, and he told me that the record had come out a few years earlier. i dont remember what year it was ( like glenn, i don't remember alot about the 80s either), but i think i was the manager, so it was probably mid 80s. did that record get released twice ? does this make any sense to anyone, or were the 80s as much of a foggy mystery as they seemed to be remembered as ? i remember that me and my buddy bet on it and i think that he won, although, on a matter of technicality, i believe i called it a draw.

  • so, you're saying ONLY in 1982 then ? i need to go ask my hippy friend if he remembers, not too likely though, i dont think he remembers much of the 90s or 2000s either. i do remember though @ the record bar, we had it listed as a "no risk" title, meaning you could buy it and return it if you didn't like it and i don't think we did that as early as 1982, but once again the 80s were a foggy era.

  • Thanks for the info--the Lost In Tyme site seems to be gone.

  • Very cool. I've been looking for this one for a long time, and my search has brought me here. Can't wait to hear it. It's downloading now. (my virgin post.......please be gentle everyone...LOL)

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