• HI All

    Went to see Styx last Friday in Manchester (god its great to be able to see bands again having moved back to England !!!).

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow what a show!!!

    I have waited 24 years to see this lot and it was worth the wait!!!

    If you get the chance go and see them - pure rock and so Babe!!!!


  • Hi,
    I saw Styx at Sweden Rock Festival. Band played very well and had a good time on stage, but unfortunately their songs did nothing for me. I quess I'm not their fan...or something. :huh:

    The Beatles' I Am The Walrus and Humple Pie's I Don't Need No Doctor were played of their new covers album.

    Here are 2 photos from Styx show.

    T:) :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • This was the second time I'd seen them in a week! They played at Sweden Rock and were the best band of the Festival. The Manchester show was even better though, as the set was a lot longer.

    I can't get over the amount of talent in this band. I saw them in 2001 in Toronto with Glenn Burtnick on bass- which was great, but I think Ricky Phillips adds something else to the band too. He's a good singer and guitarist as well as bass player. Larry Gowan is wonderful in his own right. Does anyone else have any of his solo stuff? First time we saw him was at a free gig in Toronto in 1997! It was the Canada Day celebrations in front of the old parliament buildings and he was on with Buffy St Marie and a group of Polonesian dancers! We met him there and then a week later at the Wheatsheaf in Stoke where he played to around 20 people.

    What I was most impressed about is the fact that these guys look as if they are having so much fun. Their energy is amazing.

    Met up with over 50 of our friends at one point or another over the course of the evening on Friday, which only added to the enjoyment.

    Definitely a night I won't forget. Lets hope that JY was being truthful when he said that it would be 18 months rather than 18 years till we see them again in the UK!

  • Quote from chris spencer

    .........having moved back to England.


    The toothpick-poking-pattern-job at the shortbread factory fell through?

    Think I'll go check my e-mail messages..................


    (A close personal friend of Mr. Verrazanno.)

  • During the Arrow Festival I saw Styx too. Unfortunately I missed the beginning because Glenn was at the other stage.

    I'm a STYX fan since the mid 70's. They released some great albums (Equinox - Crystal Ball - The Grand Illusion - Pieces Of Eight). But during the 80's/90's they lost their excitement. The last couple of cd's are so so. Their live performance however was great.

    :bow: :claphands :bouncer:

  • Hi Sue

    I could nt agree more about what you said - its great to see a band enjoy themselves and have a good laugh!!!

    I should have let you knowe I was going n could have been one of the 100 odd to meet you.

    This show was opne of the top 5 I have been to. Lets hope its no more than 2 years till they come back n I might do 2 shows (I think the Rock City would have been excellent with it being more of a club.

    Sue - e mail me with your email address.


  • Well, Phil's interviewing JY in the morning, so maybe he'll give us a clue to what's next on the agenda! Now that they've signed to Frontiers, I hope they'll be doing a lot more.

    Phil wanted to know if I'd taken any photos of anyone other than Tommy Shaw, but hey, who can blame me?! The guy still looks 15! It's just not fair.

  • I just saw STYX thursday in Brussels in Belgium.
    Incredible performance during 02 hours 30.
    Perfect sound and great mood on stage.
    Perfect set list in front of 500 fans.

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