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  • Hi!

    I had this dream the other night and wrote it down, it certainly gave me a smile in the morning and I just had to share it with you. I mean, this really is the only place to share something like this and maybe get a smile as a response instead of "Look, if you need to talk to someone I know this... professional" or "Oh my, look at the time, gotta run..." :)

    It would be great if you have stories fitting under this thread, it might give a whole new perspective to the term "GHCP". Anyways, here's the dream...

    So I'm sitting with Glenn Hughes in some room. He is playing a great bass line with a fretless acoustic bass guitar. He's playing it over a guitar sound that came from somewhere; I somehow think it is Iommi’s playing. Glenn is kind of practicing, trying to find a suitable bass line, because he starts it over again and doesn't play perfectly in rhythm with the guitar all the time. I say, "It's a very nice bass line." He smiles and says "Well yeah, it's nothing really, just a simple part, nothing complete." "Yes, but I mean it's very effective", I replied, to which he kind of nods.

    I ask him "By the way, do you know the Scorpions song Holiday?" "Yes I do." "Could you maybe play it for me?" So he picks up a guitar and plays a couple of notes. Then it gets strange, since he takes out a bow and starts to play the guitar like a violin. This of course not being enough in dream world, the bow itself turns into some kind of an instrument, which produces sound as he draws it across the wooden armrests of the chair he's sitting on.

    Unfortunately, as the intro in Holiday is quite long, he doesn't get into singing before I wake up.

    Maybe I need a vacation.

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • Before I got to see GH in concert I used to have a recurring dream where I was watching a GH concert. I don't have that dream anymore, since I've seen him 6-7 times.


  • Hello!
    I quess I'm too stressed to see dreams (well, it would help if I had time to sleep), but I saw one in February after Glenn's concert here in Finland...:)

    Can't remember what I saw, but I remember being quite surprised that I saw something...:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • Arnito, thanks for sharing what is quite a personal moment for you. I am not sure I have had any dreams except about my gf which WILL remain personal :D but I did post something here or at gh.com about the healing power of Glenn's music. A couple of years I was going through a bad time and the only thing I could get to lift me was to get in the car, drive along the motorway and sing "I just wanna celebrate another day of livin" and assorted other toons at the top of my voice. Once I'd done that, I could focus. To me that's powerful stuff. I don't really know what I'm talking about with psychology and all that but what I do know is that Glenn has always sung with passion about real life issues. I guess many of us can identify with that groove.

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