Background vocals for Whitesnake

  • Does anyone know in which 3 songs did GLENN HUGHES background vocals on Whitesnake's Slip Of The Tongue album?

    Thanks. All the best from Spain,

  • Welcome to the board, Jesus :)

    This question has been debated by many of us,
    over the past years, and the majority view is that......
    we can't find Glenn's voice anyplace on DC's album.

    Anybody else got another answer? :huh:


  • Hi,
    If I remember correctly Daniele Purrone did Glenn Hughes interview a couple of year ago and asked that same question. I can't remember Glenn's answer, but I try to find that interview... :)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :) :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • Hi,

    On 12" version of 'Now You're Gone' the backing vocals are mixed higher and they sound like trademark Glenn. This is superior version to that on CD.

    Roll on 'Arrow Fest.' (4 from Grimsby going from the Bradford Rios 'HUGHSEEEEEEY' crowd).

    Stay Fun(ky),
    Mikey D

  • I'm guessing that most people know here that David and Geffin records are finally talking again- actually they have gone a step further and are releasing a double CD- "Gold" or something like that. There are remixes and alternate takes that have some how turned up and will be a part of the release (Mostly "Slip of the Tongue" material). So far all I have heard was "Fool for Your Lovin". Of course I had hoped that Glenn's contribution could be heard much easier- but I think not :( Seems that the alternate takes are mostly alternate guitar work from Steve Via. Looking forward to the live release, and on the current tour -I hope to see them opening with "Burn". Seems David is ready to try and take this tune back that was pretty much Glenn's for a while- and that's ok- but I sure hope he can do a better job than he did with Glenn and Ronnie at Mark and Brian's Christmas show!

  • Mikey boy, are you going on sunday night???????????????????????


  • Thanks a lot to everyone. David, well done!!! :cool:

    I saw GLENN playing live at The Netherlands (Arrow Rock Festival) last saturday and it was fantastic. Glenn is number 1.

    I met JJ Marsh at the hotel. Cool guy and a very good player.

    I hope we can meet again in Spain very soon.

    Thanks again. Cheers from Spain,

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