a night out on zakk wylde

  • at last i have managed to get time off work(n/shift) and have a concert to go to,none other than zakk wylde and his band playing in my hometown of glasgow tonight.it has been a while since febuary when i was last off work to see glenn in edinburgh (zakk has a hard act to follow!!)but i just love live music. two totally different styles of music but both unique.i hope to see some more gigs soon(iommi/hughes would be nice :cool: ) but until then the next party night is alice cooper in november......yeee harrrrr!!!!

  • just had pride and glory playing in the car on the way home

  • I saw Pride & Glory in the Cathouse in Glasgow about 12 years ago; awesome!!! I remember them playing the Skynyrd classics Sweet Home Alalbama and of course, Freebird. They played for about 3 hours; certainly value for money!

    "I think everybody wants to be a Freebird......" RVZ


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