• Yesterday evening (May 27th 2005, 11 p. m. local time) Glenn had a fantastic performance in the most popular Bulgarian TV show - Slavi's Show. He sang two songs - You Keep On Moving and This Time Around with the show's band - Kuku Band (he also played bass on the first song). He had an interview after that.
    Glenn has a concert on a big football stadium in Sofia this evening (May 28th).


  • Unfortunately the weather was too bad end the concert was canceled. Ii's a pity!:confused:


  • damm more dissapointment ! too bad glenn could have performed in front of thousands

  • I know just how you feel :(

    The time (December 2001) when Glenn was supposed
    to perform at the open air theater at Universal City Walk,
    in Orlando, Florida, and the concert was cancelled at the
    last minute because Glenn caught the flu, and was too sick
    to go onstage. (And people didn't know it was cancelled
    until they got there.)

    If I had it to do over again, I should have organized the
    shocked and very upset GH fans to go to his hotel, and find
    out where his room window was located, and had everyone
    sing a medley of Glenn's hits TO HIM.

    The poor man, listening to our voices raised in "song"
    would probably have died from laughing.

    After all, WE are the music....he's just the band :lol:

    PS......You know that if there's any way that Glenn can
    make it up to you people in Sofia (Bulgaria?) he will.



  • Glenn Hughes
    Live In Sofia, Bulgaria
    July 5th 2005
    National Palace Of Culture, Hall №1

    1. Stormbringer
    2. Might Just Take Your Life
    3. Soul Mover
    4. Orion / Guitar Solo
    5. Mistreated / Voice Solo
    6. Can't Stop The Flood
    7. Sail Away
    8. You Fool No One
    9. Gettin Tighter
    10. You Keep On Movin'
    11. Seventh Star
    12. Burn

    I don't know what to say- It was the greatest concert in my life. Glenn sang exactly in front of me. At 5 metres from me-


  • GLENN HUGHES: I'm spiritually bound to Bulgaria

    "I love you. How are you, friends? I feel cool. When I visited Bulgaria for the first time I felt something I've never felt before. I felt the power of Bulgaria and its people. You've always been special to me and I'm glad that we meet again."

    Legendary rock singer Glenn Hughes thrilled the melomaniacs in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture (NPC) last night. One of the greatest musicians of all the times visits Bulgaria for the third time. This time he came on the occasion of BG rock's 15th birthday. Considered by many the "Voice of Rock" he succeeded in showing the audience that his appearance was well worth waiting.

    For two hours he and his band "Glenn Hughes Band" played rock music of highest class. The masters of passionate rock proved to be not only virtuosi but great communicators, too, and this is a trait that even the greatest stars sometimes lack. "It's obvious that he likes Bulgarian audience very much," critics said.

    Glenn was in constant dialogue with the fans. During the whole concert he didn't stop asking them how did they feel and not observing the protocol often said them how great an experience this was to him. In the short breaks between the hits former member of phenomenal band Deep Purple said that he "feels spiritually bound to Bulgaria."

    The joint performance with folklore singer Yanka Rupkina turned out to be extremely exciting, too.


  • Thanks for the link, Ad.

    Did I read some time ago that's Glenn's 'favourite' audience were the Italians? I'd like to think he's spiritually bound to all of us ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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