Pat Thrall

  • good info, Ad (as ever) -
    - yet this second Album is really for completists only. While I have to agree that the first one is excellent throughout (a little spacy, but I don't mind - some excellent guitar playing from Mr. Thrall and superb drumming!) Visitors is a rather boring Soul/Funk effort without the "kick" the first one had. Different personnel too, only Thrall and keyboardist/singer Bayeté are there again. It does have Jerome Rimson on bass though, an excellent player.

  • I slightly agree,

    It's still a fine album though...plugging thrall whenever i can.

    even bidding on his COOKIN' MAMA (A new day) album on ebay tonight (West-coast psych blues album he made with his brother Preston Thrall early Seventies)...goes to show how far gone I am.....

    that reminds me I have to get all those Asia 'Moscow' video's with him and all the Meat Loaf & Curtis Stiger stuff he did too..

    b.t.w. wasn't he going to release an 80's metal album LIDDEL, RUSH & THRALL that had been shelved...but that news was from years ago!!!

  • When you get the ASIA Live in Moscow DVD, make sure you buy the DVD/CD-Set from Eagle Vision - this is the official reissue which is currently available. The other one (with a Rodney Matthews designed cover art) from Classic Rock Productions is not sanctioned by the band! I really like the Moscow video - the band is in fine form!
    To complete your Thrall with ASIA collection, you should also get the video of the 1990 show in Nottingham, that was taped for a Central TV Special. It has been released (officially) in various forms, notably in Japan on Laserdisc and DVD called "Andromeda", in the UK on Video, simply called "Live" (which is now deleted) and reissued on DVD again through Classic Rock Productions called "Classic Rock Legends - ASIA". This DVD unfortunately ommits the excellent "Wildest Dreams" - only Classic Rock Productions know why!!??
    Commercial is over. Good luck!

  • Thanks Ad! :D

    I love the 1st Automatic man album & fairly recently got a friend to burn a CD from my vinyl copy. I've got a cuppla trax from the 2nd one from winmx years ago & they sound good enuff to me.... ;)

    Oftta order it right now!



  • Quote from Ad

    so should I avoid Classic rock productions altogether???

    I do - I have bought some of their releases in the past, a few I really enjoy - most I don't. Avoid the "Inside -" series. They have to come up with something really good to make me buy it!

  • Quote from Ad

    b.t.w. wasn't he going to release an 80's metal album LIDDEL, RUSH & THRALL that had been shelved...but that news was from years ago!!!

    Yeah, what the hell happened to that album? I got the track "The Law" which was great, very "Muscle and Blood"ish on mp3, and then all went quiet. I actually had the album preordered at one point but my guy told me it had been removed from the release list. Anyone know what's happening?


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