Need Some Background

  • Can anyone comment on the specifics regarding the Alchemist cd and also The Bobaloos cd. I am wonder what year were these discs recorded, not what year they were released. I had heard that the Bobaloos was recorded in 1983 when Glenn was living in Atlanta. Is this correct ? Were these considered finished album tracks or were they merely demos ? Was this to be a new band or was it considered a one-off project ?

    Same goes with The Alchemist material. I know Glenn has been quoted as saying that he never was paid for the session, let alone credited. I also know it was released in 2002, but does anyone know what year that material was recorded ? It sounds very much like a finished album, vs. demo quality (i.e. The Works Tapes) but the lack of double tracked vocals or harmony vocals might indicate it was more a session of demos. Glenn does so much session work that quite a bit of it is shelved, only to be released years later. So anyone who has some history on these two curious releases......please share some information.


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