CONFIRMED - UK Tour cancelled

  • Confirmed this morning from Glenn's tour manager.....

    Due to unforseen circumstances, it is with much regret that we have to announce that the GLENN HUGHES/CHAD SMITH UK tour in December has been cancelled.

    We will be rescheduling the dates for February 2005 - AS GLENN HUGHES SOLO SHOWS, before we undertake a long Glenn Hughes European tour which will run until early April 2005.

    Unfortunately, Chad has had to pull out due to the recording of the Chili's new album running behind schedule - (please see attached statement).

    Chad is absolutely devastated; he did everything he could to make this tour happen, as well as trying every option available so that we would avoid having to cancel. Sadly, the fact remains that his schedule just does not allow us the opportunity to do the tour with him.

    Glenn, however, will tour the UK in February 2005, playing at most of the same venues that were originally booked for December. Please contact the venues for refunds, and as soon as the new dates are confirmed, we will let everyone know through the websites, national advertising, news features in the press, etc.

    For now I can only say sorry, on behalf of Glenn and Chad, for the inconvenience and disappointment that everyone will be feeling, and trust me, no one is more upset at the cancellation of this tour than Chad and Glenn themselves.

    Cancelling shows is an awful business and does nobody any favours, but we will be positive, move onwards and we will see you all in 2005.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.

  • Thanks for that notice.....I was quite surprised to see all the dates crossed just finding out now... It's actually better, December is not a good time...It was going to come right in the midst of the last two weeks of finals at school for me. How bout another Vegas or LA date Glenn??? Roll on Feb!!!!


  • Damn, after all my wingeing about not playing Scotland G goes n cancels!!!

    Sorry to be the cynic here but I bet Scotland doesnt feature in the rescheduled dates

    Will have to make do with Whitesnake instead then

    I hope I am not wrong.

  • I phoned Ripping Records in Edinburgh yesterday to get a refund for the Liquid Room gig and was advised to hold on to my ticket as the tour is currently being re-scheduled and they're expecting new dates in a couple of weeks.

    David/Shirean - Is this correct, or should we be getting refunds?

    Chris - Maybe see you at Whitesnake. Are you going to see Purple/Frampton/Thunder?


  • Disappointed is not the word - I was going to all gigs bar one and had organised A LOT. Even put admission into hospital on hold! In the great scheme of things it's a cancelled tour not a cancelled life and at least we can now re-organise for 2005 - looks like a biggie!

    I've been spoiled rotten - to watch Glenn in October last year, then March and April this year - some of you haven't even been given THAT opportunity - so I'm very lucky!

    Well now I can't have my fix until next year, I'll just HAVE to go play some serious Glenn stuff back to back as it's been a very non-music week

    And Chris ...


    Sorry to be the cynic here but I bet Scotland doesnt feature in the rescheduled dates.

    I'll bet heavily that it will!

    'There's a light in the distance, and a voice that cries freedom'

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Ayup! Bin in Africa on me honeymoon so haven't been around (even more so than usual)!

    First I knew was a fonecall from Northampton Roadmender yesterday pm.

    They refunded my credit card even tho they expect it to be rescheduled soon because they expect the 'new' gig to be cheaper....

    Hope you're all well



  • Hi John

    Will be at Whitesnake but not Purple am afraid. Will look out for you - we are back of the stalls.

    Got my refund from the Edinburgh show but nothing said about February. We shall see.

  • Quote from David

    Will try and find out John. We've also heard from other venues saying the same thing, as far as perhaps expecting the rescheduled dates sooner rather than later.

    Will post here when there's an update.

    Any more news on this? I've still got my ticket.

  • Hmmm - maybe a wise decision. I was a bit underwhelmed with Purple on Monday, I'm afraid to say. Peter Frampton was incredible though - I enjoyed his set much more than Purple's!!


    Will look out for you - we are back of the stalls.

    I'm towards the front, at the right-hand side I think. There's a few of us having a meet-up at the City Inn beforehand. You'd be welcome to join us. Any idea who the replacement support band is?

  • Quote

    Any more news on this? I've still got my ticket.

    John - no news yet, but will keep you posted, should be soon.

    I hear that the Astoria (London) is actually still selling tickets :eek: I automatically received a refund on two of the other gigs we were going to. You're probably best off to get a refund, as I would imagine the ticket prices will be slightly less for the new dates.

    As soon as there's further news, will let you know.

  • Hi all

    Have enquired to Ticketmaster re Mean Fiddler concert and received this reply yesterday


    This event has been taken off sale. However, we are still awaiting confirmation from the promoters as to a new possible date. Until this time, we are not able to issue any refunds.

    Will just have to be patient :sint3:

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