FUSED - Sneak Preview + Cover

  • I totally agree. My immediate impression is of a guitarist with a whole pool of ideas which were brimming over and may well have ended up on any new Sabs album. But with Glenn's incredible creative input, the Fused identity is in orbit. Oh yes and thank you David and Shirean. You have done us proud :clapper:

  • I think we should all hang fire until the album actually comes out! :) While everybody who has posted above me is championing the soundclips (and a similar thing is happening wherever else 'Fused' is mentioned), I have been totally unmoved by them, but that is all they are - tasters! Excitement of new Glenn material is always positive, but shall we save the reviews until the CD is released?

    It reminds me of a write up I saw on Amazon - some guy "reviewed" Robert Plant's new CD two weeks before it came out. How? Well, he saw Plant live and Robert played three or four new tracks and the guy wrote "If the album is as good as what I heard here tonight it will be great." Just steady on!

    Glenn has made albums before that I didn't get after a first listen (namely 'Play Me Out' which I now adore) and one's I loved immediately but now play less (like 'From Now On') but I don't think he's ever made an album alone or with somebody which can accurately be judged on one spin, let alone a few sample tracks.


  • Come on now, James, admit it - if we were talking about a new Hasselhoff release, you'd be over the moon with a thesaurus' worth of glowing adjectives for those short clips! :D

    As I recall, you didn't care much for Addiction, did you? (Or am I thinking of Laurent, from the GH.com forum?) I'm trying to remember, since this new Iommi thing will be pretty hard and heavy. I like most everything Glenn has recorded, and I'm ready to welcome him back to the land of riffs-so-heavy-you-have-to-listen-to-them-with-a-hard-hat-on with open arms...er, ears. And while I like what I've heard so far, I will do as you say and reserve ultimate judgment until I've got the album in my hot little hands, and I've been able to spin it a few times.


  • Oi, steady on Todd, leave Uncle Dave out of this! :D

    No, I love 'Addiction'. That, 'Feel' and 'The Way It Is' I think are unsurpassed as a triumvirate. I have no qualms with Glenn's heavier side - indeed I think 'Wild Seed Of Mother Earth' is great, especially 'Dying To Live'.

    'Seventh Star' was the album that introduced me to Glenn as a real ass kicking rock singer, because all I had heard before that was 'Stormbringer', 'Play Me Out' and 'Feel'. When I heard that he had sung for Sabbath I thought "This guy with the Stevie Wonder thing going on? Can't see that'd work...." but I gambled and bought it. As soon as I heard the first line of 'In For The Kill' I was blown away. I still like that album a great deal now, but as far as the DEP Sessions go, I can really say only 'I'm Not The Same Man' grabbed my attention.

    I think it boils down to the fact that while Iommi is known for his heavy, dirge like power chords, I much prefer it when he's riffing - he's written some great uptempo riff heavy songs and that's what I prefer. If you offered me 'Gone' versus something like, say, 'Born To Lose' or 'Hard Life To Love' from 'The Eternal Idol' then 'Gone' wouldn't get a look in. From the soundclips so far, there doesn't seem to be much of that on offer, but as I stated previously, it's a taster and of course I'll buy the album because Glenn's on it.

    I also appreciate I'm in the minority and may well change my opinion when I buy the album, but I think it's a bit early to start raving about a CD none of us have heard yet. It's the discussions about the music that make this site and GH.com such great places to hang out!


    ps I only think Uncle Dave has made one truly great album.

  • great david your totally right about glenn"s bass lines too cant wait for this :thumbup: great to hear the interview too how the hell did that guy get his job? i know it has to be awe inspiring to be in the presence of the metal gods but dam it sounded like he was shaking in his pants

  • First Glimpse of New Iommi Cover

    With the cover artwork for the new album, ‘Fused’, finally approved, Iommi.com can now exclusively give you a sneak preview.

    The cover was designed by UK based designer, Hugh Gilmour, who has previously worked on covers for Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, David Bowie & The Beatles amongst others.

    The album is due for release worldwide on the Sanctuary label on 12th July 2005.

  • From Iommi's site, the cover was designed by UK based designer, Hugh Gilmour, who has previously worked on covers for Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, David Bowie & The Beatles amongst others.

    The album is due for release worldwide on the Sanctuary label on July 12th, 2005.

    Joining Iommi on Fused is former Deep Purple vocalist/bass guitarist GLENN HUGHES and former John Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff, who has also played sessions with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd and countless others. The trio will hit the road to promote Fused later this year after Black Sabbath finishes headlining the 10th anniversary Ozzfest tour.

    The 10 songs on Fused are:

    "Dopamine," "Wasted Again," "Saviour Of The Real," "Resolution Song," "Grace," "Deep Inside A Shell," "What You’re Living For," "Face Your Fear," "The Spell" and "I Go Insane."

    Iommi has worked with both Hughes and Aronoff in the past. Hughes is a longtime friend who sang on the 1986 Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi album, Seventh Star. In 2004, previously unreleased songs they had collaborated on eight years earlier were completed and released by Sanctuary as The 1996 DEP Sessions. Aronoff played drums on the song "Black Oblivion" on Iommi's self-titled 2000 solo album, which was loaded with all-star guest appearances. Fused was produced by Bob Marlette, who also manned the studio boards for Iommi.

  • More praise is bestowed on Fused, this time from Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler :thumbup:


    ... I want to congratulate Tony Iommi for the best album I've heard in years. Sabbath fans, and Iommi fans, are going to be rejoicing when they hear this album. If you don't know by now, it's called "Fused." It's brilliant. Buy it!


  • Friend of ours just finished interviewing Tony Iommi - a brief highlight has him saying he and Glenn don't really have a definite tourplan worked out but setlist-wise, it'll mostly be Fused and DEP Sessions stuff. He wants to tour with Glenn as much as possible, both in the US and Europe.

    Once I have the whole thing, will post anyother relevant bits :cool:

  • Great news, looks like most of us here on the forum will get to see them :guitarist
    Hopefully they'll find room for some 7th Star stuff other than No Stranger.....etc.

  • Here are some excellent promotional pictures as featured on the upcoming release, Fused, from Tony Iommi featuring GLENN on Bass & Vocals - I dig those cool white boots, he had those on in Maui a couple of years back :cool:

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