• Does anyone out there have the Finders Keepers single ?

    Is anyone kind enough to burn the songs for me ?

    I assume Glenn sings them ? Is that correct ?

    An even greater bonus would be if someone had Camel Toe Stomp to tack on as well....

    Any help would make me indebtted to some kind soul....(mover)

    Email me if you accept charity cases... psmith7305@adelphia.net


  • If you're referring to Sadie, The Cleaning Lady, it's not the greatest of songs - in fact in 1999, Glenn was asked about it in Classic Rock magazine and was quoted as saying, "It was just backing vocals on this ****ing horrid song, complete with George Formby banjo." - he recalled with distaste :)

  • Interview David is referring to:


    Glenn was already in the band but apparently only recorded some backing vocals at best... Singer was Ian "Sludge" Lees... guitars, bass and drums were recorded by session musicians, not the band. Band line-up at the time was Ian Lees, Mel Galley, Alan Clee, Glenn Hughes and David Williams... later that year (1968) Dave Holland joined on drums.

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