Classic Rock June edition

  • The new June issue of Classic Rock (yes I know its not even May yet!) has a brief article by a Mr G. Hughes.

    In a regular feature called Tour Bus Survival, Glenn answers the standard set of questions:

    Music: I listen to a lot of acoustic, jazzy, late-night, wind-down music. I mean, I’m at a point in my life where, when I come off stage, I don’t want to hear anything that’s intense. I just want to wind down, so its always going to be more "light night music" for me. Whatever trips my fancy – its mostly American artists.

    DVD’s: Chad Smith keep sending me his stuff to look at, lots of RHCP stuff, so I get to look at a lot of their footage. The last DVD I saw would be A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles. Please put that Glenn is an avid 6o’s freak as far as movies.

    Books: "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Alborn. Brilliant. I’m into metaphysical and spiritual books. I’m not a New Ager, but I am into life in general.

    Essential tour bus rules: Y’know, when I travel, I travel in a car – I have a driver – and my band and the crew go on a bus. I go on a bus from time to time when I get a bit lonely. There’s no making ‘number two’:eek: on the bus. Basically, keeping a tidy bus, and the most important thing for me is there is no smoking.

    Tour Bus anecdote: Obviously, people get left behind. It’s the age old story – "Where’s Colin tonight?".

    Hey Chad, how about answering those same questions for us on GHPG?;)

    Following on from a thread that was running elsewhere on here, Andy Fraser is NOT dead. The mag contacted him and he said the "stories left my friends and family shaken, sobbing and in a state of shock. I do confirm I am living with AIDS but i intend to be here for quite a while".

    Deep Purple are reported to have left EMI and an announcement is expected shortly. Maybe like me they thought Bananas was there worst ever album.

    There is also "the 50 greatest drummers in rock" – see my other post. Chad you’ve done pretty good.:thumbup:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • i agree with you wolfysmith about the BANNANAS cd to me its not a deep purple album- its a ian gillian album -dont get me wrong i like ian but i think they miss jon lord more than they realize

  • ((('s was top10 album in many European countries including number 3 in Germany - one of the most important charts in world.

    As I understood from Gillans site that EMI did not sack the Purps. Purple left them.

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