• Got it a week ago and I finally had a chance to watch it full. What can I say. An awesome DVD.

    The 1st DVD comes with 2 show (Mondo and Sweden Rock Festival) completes with an incredible sound and image. The set list with 2 Guitarrists (Satan and Fredrick) makes the sound even better. The Mondo show is in a full color and Sweden in Black & White

    The 2nd DVD comes with a lot of extra, clips and some extra footage from the Lokerseen show (why not include the whole show ?) and an excelent "mini"-show of Marcel playing bass.

    Overall a great DVD for one of the most amazing band in the planet, a very powerfull sound and a great image.

  • Wow great. Im going to buy this DVD as soon as I run into it! I saw that particular show at Sweden Rock and it was fantastic! I remember seeing several camera's filming the show so I already suspected them to release this show on DVD. But why the %#@& in black and white? Why is there always a problem with the picture for DVD releases of my favorite bands?

    DIO - Evil or Devine - Terrible picture! What were they thinking??
    Glenn Hughes Soulfully - Waaay to dark! They created a "soulfully" vibe with the lights and candles at the spot but it was way too dark to capture this on video with this as a result.

    And now we can add Talisman to that list. :thumbup:

    Sorry to be so negative but Im alsways so excited about a release and when its released its like a brick in the face....

  • i know that feeling arjen think something is going to go your way and then BAMM you end up feeling violated

  • Thanks for the cool comments renatom. I was very happy with the way the DVD came out and have had nothing but positive reactions with everyone Ive talked to. Arjen- you havent even seen this DVD yet so how can you make any comments yet? There are a couple of reasons the Sweden Rock show was edited in Black and White. 1st- The whole Mondo show (which is LONGER than Sweden Rock) is in color as well as all the older clips and the clips for the Lokerse show on disc 2 (the retrospective). Marcel (Jacob - bassist and leader) wanted the Sweden Rock concert to have a different feel from the rest of the material on the DVDs. Why have everything look exactly the same?

    2nd- The show was outdoors during the daytime with a partly cloudy sky. We had NO lighting on the stage which gave the color film a wahed out hazy look ...almost looks like an amateur camcorder filmed it. The B&W edit gives it a very "classic" look.

    Bottom line is - if you dont like it AFTER watching it, Im sure you could stick it up on Ebay and get your money back or even more than you actually paid. Hell- someone here on this message board would probably buy it off of you. But please dont make complaints about something you havent even seen yet.

  • Satan

    The DVD is awesome after all. My only comments are why not the complete Lokersen show ? It seems to be a great stage and atmosfere and the sound is awesome.

    For the SRV show, it is awesome too, great sound and black&white
    video doesnt matter for me too much. I read in the JSS group that Marcel had some problem with glitches and etc.. but it is a good show.

    People here in Brazil are having difficulties to buy this DVD since someone told me that Frontiers released only a few copies in the first press (im the lucky to pre-order in NEH), any comments on this ?

    Arjen, I dont put this one in the same concept of the GH / DIO DVD, this is much more differet. I dont have the Dio DVD, but for the GH, the picture is very dark and sometimes out of synch, and this dont happen in the Talisman.

  • renatom-

    I have the whole Lokerse show here and its not as good of a performance from the band as Sweden Rock and Mondo...and the audio recording is not as good....its only a 2 track master and is unable to be mixed. The best songs were picked and included on the DVD. We cant have 3 complete shows on the DVD...it would turn into a 3 DVD set and would be priced too high for most fans.
    I have absolutely nothing to do with distribution and sales and cannot provide any information on that- sorry.

  • Satan,

    I will buy this DVD for sure and will not sell it afterwarts. I have all Talisman cds and this release won't be an exception. You're right with your comment I should see this release first before giving a (negative) comment about it but I had to ventelate my dissapointment when I read it was in B/W. Queensryche did the same thing with their latest release (I forgot the title) It was a show of their Tribe tour all shot in Sepia. It's an awful release, and many agree with me, just because of the way they presented it.

    I understand the motivation of the band and hopefully I was wrong.

  • Think of the Mondo show as the official concert release, and the Sweden Rock show as a bonus "bootleg", if you will. Both are fantastic shows - and the rest of the DVD has a ton of other features to keep you occupied and take the sting out of your disappointment in the black & white footage. :D

    Although, having said that, I will now whine about the exclusion of "I Don't Know" from the DVD... :p


  • Hello Satan, You ROCK!

    i just wanted to remind you guys that Talisman released also a double CD called Five Men Live. It has 2 shows and it is pretty good...very good actually. You can read my review of it here:
    http://www.tuhma.fi/modules/levyarviot/index.php?id=305 well, it is in Finnish of course, but you'll learn that language quite easily...:)

    Satan - now that you - Talisman - are releasing all this live stuff - does this mean that Talisman is over or should we expect new stuff from You, JJS, Marcel and Jamie soon?

    ...basicly you can't quit, because you haven't played in Finland yet!

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


    ps. Graham is coming here next week...do you mind coming to see his shows? :)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • Oh man...when Satan said I was going to dig this DVD...I had no idea...:thumbup:

    Folks... these guys are fantastic!! You have it all here; Tough songs with plenty of hooks, just the right amount of instrumental muscle and leavened with enough funk to appeal to a wide cross section of music fans.

    Satan and Frederik Akesson bring to mind the great guitar team of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson in the way they always complement and play off one another ....always playing what is right for the song. And having the Strat go head to head with the Les Paul hints at the alchemy between Eric Clapton and the late Duane Allman. Jamie Borger just KICKS it on the drums and Marcel Jacob combines funk and hard rock in his playing style with aplomb. And how can you go wrong with Jeff Scott Soto as your front man? With his dynamite voice and confident stage presence, he leads his musical SWAT team through a smoking set of catchy hard funk rock tunes.

    Satan also made the comment that the Sweden Rock Festival footage was done in B&W to give it a classic look and I can wholly identify with that. Growing up in Baldwin NY in a house of 7 kids, a color TV was an outrageous luxury. The 17" B&W set did the job nicely. So years later, when I watch an old rerun of a 70's TV show on a color set and can't believe how washed out and sad the colors look..and knowing that the show was filmed without lights and under an overcast sky, I know exactly what he means by "classic!"

    And a sense of fun runs throughout the program too...from the guys giving Jeff a razzing about his hip-hop get up to Satan's shameless plugs for his gear at the end...just make sure it is crunchy!!;)

    And I still have to watch the second disc!!! What a killer package...get it now..not tomorrow..not after breakfast....NOW!! :bouncer:

    C'mon..give me a groove G!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Cool...glad you liked it! Be sure to check our (JSS BAND) upcoming summer tour dates as they unfold at -


    And please dont reply with - "Why aren't you coming to Poughkeepsie, Podunk, Norway, Baton Rouge, Ethiopia, or Florida?? Me and my older brother are dying to see you".

    It is what is and this is where the promoters are willing to book us. By the way, it looks as if soundman extraordinaire Peter DeWint will be mixing us this time...some of you might know him from past Glenn Hughes tours!

  • That's all fine and dandy, but how come you're not coming to Vegas - we're practically neighbors, for God's sake..?! :p


    PS I'm kidding. I guess I'll have to make that drive again.

  • Hey Todd,

    You can't be serious..THAT drive?? Who are you kidding? We're talking about the "Chip And Todd Traveling Road Show".....where no distance is too great..no Super 8 Motel is too scary. C'mon man, you have that image to keep up!! ;)

    But all kidding aside, it is cool that the JSS Band has all those gigs lined up....Hey wait a minute..I have a great idea! A whole bunch of us can get one of those Viking longboats, just like the one in the video for "What Time Is Love" and make our way over to Europe for some of those shows. I've got a strong back and can handle the rowing...how about it??:lol:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Ok Bill, you row...and I'll start the chorus of "I Am A Viking", from the Marching Out CD...

    And no, another drive to LA won't bother me at all - I can get there in my sleep by now. Although if you want to give someone some s**t, Chip hasn't been up for my last trip or two to LA...something about other obligations or responsibilities - what are those?


  • Yeah....my mileage average is starting to slip a little.

    Those darn obligations and responsibilites reared their ugly head after not being around for a while. :)

    If I remember correctly, JSS is doing a Saturday night show in LA..........hmmm.



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