High Mass @ the Funk Emporium

  • GLENN HUGHES, golden-voiced former vocalist and bass player for rock legends Deep Purple, and CHAD SMITH, drummer extraordinaire with mega-band the Red Hot Chili Peppers, will be performing together in a unique, UK-only tour to promote Glenn's latest DVD and CD, Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels, which also features Chad on drums throughout.

    Chad's last gigs in the UK were in the Summer, when the Chili’s played to 300,000 people over three nights in London's Hyde Park, so this tour presents a fantastic opportunity to see one of rock's most outstanding drummers "up close and personal" performing with the man known simply as "The Voice Of Rock".

    In what promises to be one of the most talked about tours of the year, be prepared for an unbelievable fusion of rock, funk and soul as Glenn and Chad push back the boundaries, throw in a few surprises and take you higher...

  • With a tour title like that its just gotta be funk....bring on george nastos THE damn ass funkiest geetar player G has ever had (sorry JJ but you're rock not funk) and get Hans Z on keys and were are away.....go on G you know it makes sense!!

    See y'all in Edinburgh!!!!!


  • Fantastic news, I will be going to Northampton and London I hope to meet some of you at these gigs.I hope they will play some of the new songs that will be on the next album. See you there :D

  • GLENN's tour manager (who has organised this tour) tells us that ALL dates on the tour will have a show start time for GLENN and CHAD of between 8:45PM to 9:00PM (dependent upon final set list length) except for NOTTINGHAM ROCK CITY which DOES have a rock club afterwards, so the stage time there will be between 8:15PM and 8:30PM sharp, again, dependent upon final confirmation of the set length.

    The Nottingham curfew is 10:15PM, and is printed on the tickets, so everyone will be aware of this earlier start, if/when they buy their tickets!

    Curfews in all the other venues is 11:00PM, except for Dudley and Bradford who will do a rock club AFTER the show has ended, after 11:00PM.

    So there is NO CLUB afterwards in Edinburgh.

    It will be possible for people to travel to the show and they will not miss the set as long as they are there by 8:45PM.

    Tour adverts and press features/interviews with GLENN and CHAD will be out over the next few days in various magazines, continuing up until the tour starts, so keep a look out!

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