More LIVE Dates - Europe & South America

  • Im sure most of you will have been emailed by Fedor about this:

    Glenn & Chad are playing another show on the 12th of June.

    Bulgaria on May 28th - Not with Chad.

    Plus a probable 10 date South American tour in august.

    My question is tho, when will Hughes Iommi dates be scheduled for?
    Presumably later in the year after that tour plus Tony's Ozzfest shows.

    Any idea David? :huh:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • after arrowhead, a club date in Amsterdam on the 12th.
    looking into s. america, just Brazil....4 0r 5 shows now, i have to get back for peps. first weekend of aug. i think.
    short, but better than nothin.

  • And the beatifull island of Florianopolis (Southern BRAZIL) ??? I know, it is impossible...but
    who doesnt have a dream ?


  • CONFIRMED, we can now confirm that an additional show in Holland on Sunday, June 12th, 2005 - the day after the show at the Arrow Festival. This will also be with Chad, and unlike the festival, where we have a 65 min restriction to the set, this will be the FIRST full Glenn and Chad show in Europe!!

    The venue details for the this show are:

    (20 minutes from AMSTERDAM AIRPORT, very close to Rotterdam)
    Telephone: 0031(0)79 321 1012

    Ticket Info: or try the venue directly.

    There is also another new show confirmed in Bulgaria to be held in Sofia, on May 28th, 2005. It will be at the football stadium after the last game of the Bulgarian football Championship, and we will forward venue/ticket details as soon as they're available. This show does not feature Chad!

    Details on a South American tour that is being put together for August, will be confirmed soon, so we'll have the details once they're confirmed! So far, it looks like Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico - but there maybe a few more places too!

    More soon :cool:

  • Quote from David

    (20 minutes from AMSTERDAM AIRPORT, very close to Rotterdam)

    .... and even closer to the beautifull city of Den Haag! Wow Glenn playing only 10 minutes from my home!! But I'm afraid I have to travel 12 hours to see this gig ;) since me and my friends will be on our way back from the Sweden Rock Festival. That's what I call a pleasant homecoming! :bouncer:

    Glenn, see you in Zoetermeer!

  • Quote from renatom

    David or GH
    Some news came to me that there will be a show on September 7th with Uriah hepp in Sao Paolo (September 7th = Brazil Independence Day). Any date for RiO ?

    The South American shows will be confirmed soon - sorry, but that's the very latest! As soon as the gigs are confirmed the full list will be posted :)

  • I also got my tickets for Zoetermeer :bouncer:

    It's great to see a complete show with Glenn and Chad :bow:
    A Question for Soulmover:

    Is there any chance you guys will play "Higher Ground" in the encore too:lol2:
    Anyway it will be awesome and I can't hardly wait!
    See you all there.

  • Hey Hiawatha72,

    Great site and a great tribute band :thumbup:
    Listening to the songs I have to admit, I really love your voice, it's so seventies :bow:

    I would love to see your band play on May 15, but "unfortunately" I'm going on holiday that day to a very beautiful and sunny Island :D
    But I promise to come and see you guys (and girl) an other time.

    Have fun on the 15th of May ;)

  • I wish I could travel to Europe for these dates, but Im still at uni, and therefore a poor student who couldnt afford it anyway! I really hope there may be some gigs in England at some point, I had tickets for the gig at the Mean Fiddler in December, but when it was rescheduled for February, i couldnt take the time away from uni! I was so disappointed, but I still really really wanna see Glenn play live, will it ever happen???:huh: :confused: Please!!!!:biggrinsa

    :bouncer2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :bouncer:

  • Is there any chance there will be an alternative date in Austria, after the gig in Woergl was cancelled? :eek:

    I know bars and resataurants here, so me and chrisloeb could recommend some that you´re all still healthy after that show :div27:

    "You can't stop Rock n' Roll!"

  • Hey everyone, is there any more news about dates in the UK this year? In London or in the north - Yorkshire way? Thanks, Helena, xx

    :bouncer2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :bouncer:

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